10 Awesome Wedding Dresses Colors Trends

While white is the traditional color for wedding dresses, it is not the primary choice for a number of brides. Depending on the type of wedding and personality of the bride, certain other colors could come out to play on her special day. There are many style wedding dresses that would look awesome in a number of rich colors other than white. In the alternative and out of the box weddings, white wedding dresses are out and color wedding dresses are in.

So, whether you want to be married wearing your favorite color, or you want to step away from tradition for your big day, we have here a number of trendy colors that will be great for bridal gowns. From chiffon to tulle, velvet or silk, there are colors to match any wedding fabric.

  1. Striking Gold

Not many brides think of gold as a wedding color for a dress. However, gold is a charming color and a great choice for a wedding dress in colors. The dress could be in all gold, or even a white dress with gold embellishments and accessories. Either way, gold wedding dresses would add a touch of royalty to your bridal look.

  1. Multi color Floral

If you would prefer to try a choice of colorful wedding dresses, then perhaps a floral dress would be perfect. With this you can have a hint of color on a white background. So, you still get the white wedding dress, but updated with colourful floral motifs. Any bride would make an elegant statement with this unique idea.

  1. Stunning Blush

If you’re searching for a neutral color asides ivory and tan, then consider blush. Its light hue works well for non-pink fans and it is a totally romantic color to be married in. It is a perfect choice for a bride who wants something out of the ordinary but still within the lines. It is also an easy color to accessorize.

  1. Something Blue

No need to look for something blue anymore if your wedding gown is just that. A light blue wedding dress is a definite show stopper, sure to surprise and please the wedding crowd. This color of wedding gown is for the edgy bride that isn’t interested in sticking to tradition, a bridal pacesetter.

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  1. Daring Camo

One of the most non-traditional options there is. A camouflage wedding dress is proper outside the box look. For wedding dresses with color, the camo dress when done right is pretty daring and might be the perfect choice for a boho bride or rustic themed wedding.

  1. Deep or Fiery Red

If you really want to make a statement, then perhaps try on a few red wedding dresses and see how they fit. Red is a great choice for most designs and brides wear them very well. Whether deep or fiery red, you can be sure that whatever style of dress, will pop in this beautiful color.

  1. Dreamy Lilac

If your wedding has a pastel theme, pink isn’t the only option. Lilac has a soft and tasteful look that adds a touch of elegance to a dress. Whether it’s tulle, chiffon, silk, lace or a combination of fabrics, it would look lovely in lilac.

  1. Divine Black

Even though this is not the first color many thinks of when considering wedding dresses, for some brides, black is the perfect color. Talk about stepping out of the box completely and in style. The beautiful black wedding dress will definitely stand out and might be a surprise to some wedding guests. However, there is no doubt that a dress in this color would be divine.

  1. Mint Green

If green is your favorite color, then it wouldn’t be totally out of place to consider green wedding dresses. Mint green, in particular, is quite lovely and a shade of green that will work with many styles and lengths of bridal gowns.

  1. Beautiful Tan

A neutral color for the bride who wants to stand just outside the lines. Tan can even be more beautiful than ivory. And most fabrics look great in this soft and gentle color.

Quite a number of creative brides are changing up usual traditions and stepping away from the all-white wedding gown. Color wedding dresses have come to stay and these days we see them in all types of colorful trends. From simple hues of red and white wedding dresses, to red or even black, these unconventional colors bring the bridal party to life and are even much more fun than the usual.

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