10 Online Slot Tips

There are lots of reasons as to why we love online slots games, but there are ten online slots tips that we should all know about so that we can increase our love for slot games

RTP and Variance

Always look at the RTP and variance of the online slot games to see which games you are more likely to win at playing—having a higher RTP percentage and a lower variance will mean that you can win more frequently. However, a higher variance will increase the size of your wins. It all depends on the size of your bankroll. 

Chart Games

Compare the different slots games in the charts and see if there are any that take your fancy. Some of them will be new to enter the charts, but some of them will be longstanding hits. Don’t take too much notice as to when the games were released, the potential they have to make you a winner is much more important than their age.

Some of the best online slot games that are still in the charts today are over a decade old, and we do not care at all. Remember, there is a reason that these games are in the charts – you just have to find the reason, but it’s usually financially orientated! 

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Free Spins

Are there any free spins available for you? This will enable you to try out a new slots game online that you may never have played before, or it may enable you to increase your credit without having to spend a single penny in trying to do so. Take advantage of free spins wherever you can, and there might be other ways of increasing your potential too. Check out jokaroom casino online for your free spins.

Bonus Features

The amount and the complexity of bonus features are often things that gamers look for when considering a slot game online. They want to be well entertained, and there needs to be plenty to help them not to get bored. If this is the case for you, then make sure there are mini-games, scatters, wilds, wheels of fortunes, and so much more for you to be able to increase your fun and your winning potential with blackjack jeu en ligne.


To attract as many players as possible to their sites and to compete with the other online casinos, online slot gaming sites often offer incredible bonuses, such as free games, no deposit, double deposits, or even free cash prizes. You should always look out for these as they can be the way to an impressive win with very little effort on your behalf.

Sometimes, you can increase your credit double fold or even increase your credit without even realizing it. Some people prefer the free spin option, but any additional help along the path to success is better than none. 


It is not always the games that are the most pleasing to the eye that will guarantee the biggest wins. Make sure to remember this fact because you will often hear of the biggest wins coming from some of the least attractive slots games or the games with the least additional bonus features. Don’t be fooled by the bright lights of slots games that are designed to purposely draw you in. 

Play Time

Check the best times for you to play on slots games online before you start playing. As a rule of thumb, the busiest times in the online casinos during the week are between the hours of 7 pm and 9 pm. This is when the majority of players have made it home from work and are looking for a fun way to relax and unwind after a long day at work.

As this is the case, the chance of you being able to win can often be decreased drastically, so if you are able to play at another time of the day, then this would be advantageous to your pocket and to the amount of fun you will get out of playing slots games online. 

Change Games

If you are not having any luck with one particular slot game, change the game you are playing. These are games based on luck, and there is no way of telling whether they will pay out. If you have seen no windfall for some time, do not waste your hard-earned credit, so spend it somewhere else and have fun doing so. 

Playing on a new game will increase your interest and excitement in slots gaming, too, as you discover how a new slots game works. 

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Before you start playing any online slots game, you should always create a bankroll. This is the amount of money you could afford to lose if no wins were to occur at all, where you would not enter into financial difficulty should you see no return. It is essential that you create this prior to playing, and you should never increase your bankroll when you have begun to play. This could not only lead to financial disaster but could also lead to your becoming addicted to gambling or online gaming. 


As slots games online are controlled by Random Number Generators, there is no skill or strategy involved. This means that they are completely luck-based games, and you never know when a win is going to come your way or if it will at all. For this reason, you should never rely on playing slots games as a source of income as they are not stable in any way.

You should only ever use the money on slots games that you can afford to lose and should never rely on potential winnings to be able to survive. This is dangerous in many different senses of the word, and you could end up as a gambling addict in the worst-case scenario. Playing slots is intended to be a fun pastime, so make sure it stays that way and play responsibly.

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