10 Ways To Make Your Day Better In Just 10 Minutes


You can turn a bad day into a good one in just ten minutes if you know how to. No matter what your day has in store for you, a positive outlook and a few ten-minute tricks can absolutely turn it around.

No matter what your day brings, you can turn it around in just ten minutes! Here are ten ideas to boost your mood and have a perfect day.

1. Re-plan your day

Look at your plan for the day, is there something in this plan that’s causing you anxiety or negativity? Sometimes, the easiest way to improve your day is just in re-planning it. Take your planner and start re-shuffling your day, see where you can delegate some tasks, or try to chip away at the difficult tasks that are hanging over your head as soon as possible rather than leaving them on the bottom of your list.

2. Go outside

Mental fatigue can cause you to have a bad day, or react to things badly, studies have shown that restoring your mental energy is as easy as going outside. City scenes don’t have the same effect as nature, so try to find a park to walk through or have a ten-minute sit in a garden.

3. Assess your hydration

Drinking more water is a pretty obvious tip, but if you are feeling bad or having a bad day, start by assessing your hydration levels. Your body will tell you if it needs more water, so listen to it and see if you feel better after drinking a bottle of water.

4. Science says small talk is good for you

Researchers at the University of Michigan found that small talk is actually good for you. The more you can talk to your co-workers and bond with them, the better you’ll perform (and feel). In studies, people who spent time small-talking with other participants performed better at cognitive tasks, meaning that in theory, small-talk with your co-workers can make you better at your job.

5. A quick re-set is all you need

Find yourself somewhere quiet during your lunch break and put on a guided ten-minute meditation with Headspace. All you need is a quick re-set of your mind and your values to help you feel more positive and productive. Allowing your mind to rest for ten minutes will help you come back feeling better.

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