20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Cambodia

Cambodia Photos-3

Cambodia is a destination that has become quite popular with backpackers and budget travelers alike. The Southeast Asian country is famous for its temples, white sand beaches, friendly locals, stunning mountains and valleys, untouched forests, and tasty street food.

Several years ago, I ventured to the Temples of Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh, Kampot, and Kep, and immediately fell in love with the country. Watching the sunrise over the Temples of Angkor—the largest religious monument in the world—is a bucket list experience in itself.

And let’s not forget about the pottery classes, quad bike tours, ziplining, and massages, that can be experienced in Siem Reap, the city nearest to Angkor Wat. I’d highly recommend doing a cooking class while you’re there and you definitely don’t want to miss Siem Reap’s Night Market!

If you are looking to backpack around the country or simply just spend your days exploring the cities, the best time to do so is between November and May when you won’t have to worry about rainstorms ruining your plans. Just keep in mind that this is the most popular time to visit, so prices tend to go up and big attractions will have large crowds. Sign up for an Indochina tour to get a close-up look at different areas with a guide that will share with you the history, culture, and other interesting information of the area.

If these photos have piqued your interest and you want to learn more about what to expect in Cambodia, check out my ultimate guide to Cambodia here!

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