20 Stylish Desk Essentials You Need To Add Your Desk Right Now


There’s nothing better than a spot of shopping. Especially when it comes to creating desk goals. While you might not be thinking about being productive right now, it’s always good to think about the future and treat yourself to a few bits and bobs to decorate your desk and upgrade your productivity. If you want to have the most productive desk in the office next year, start making your list now and get a few of these pretty desk essentials.

1. Getting Stuff Done Planner

The best way to Get Stuff Done is with a planner that can help you achieve it all. The Getting Stuff Done planner contains space for all your daily to-dos and an extra section for your self-care, water intake, exercise, and meal prep. Buy it here.

2. Capricorn Trinket Jar

If you have too many paperclips and pins on your desk, don’t worry. You can tidy them all away in this zodiac pot. Minimalistic and cool, this is the best way to keep all those loose bits and bobs together. Buy it here.

3. #XOXO Paperweight

One thing that will make all those loose papers look infinitely chic is a paperweight. This light pink paperweight will help you organize your papers and make your desk situation look tidier and prettier. Buy it here.

4. Easel Calendar

Get ahead of the year with a mini desk calendar, this one comes on an easel and is both pretty and functional. Buy it here.

5. Make It Happen Notebook

Endless notes taking up space on your desk? Keep everything together in the Make It Happen notebook, it’s the perfect size for to-do lists, braindumps, and ideas. Find it here.

6. Tortoiseshell Pencil Pot

Why not keep your pens and pencils together in a pen pot that’s actually stylish? Find it here.

7. Make It Stick Tape Dispenser

Who says tape has to be boring? This tape dispenser makes a statement. Find it here.

8. Cotton Poplin Candle by Byredo

If you work from home, why not get a candle for your desk. This one has a light enough scent to help you work, and comes in a beautiful jar, too. Find it here.

9. BTW Notecard

Notes to colleagues and co-workers don’t have to be boring. These small BTW notes will help you stay on top of everything. Find it here.

10. Geo Clips

Clip your papers together with these shaped paperclips, they’ll instantly upgrade your papers. Buy it here.

11. Leather Pencil Case

Keep all your favorite pens away from your co-workers with this gorgeous pencil case. Find it here.

12. Desk Organiser

If you want a tidy desk, start by getting a desk organizer. This one is perfect for everything from important files to post its. Buy it here.

13. Velvet Snake iPhone Case

It’s not technically a desk accessory, but this phone case will make your desk look pretty (when your phone is on it!). Who knew velvet snakeskin would be so pretty? Buy it here.

14. Brass Ruler

Why wouldn’t you want to upgrade your boring ruler and get a pretty gold one? Measure in style. Buy it here.

15. Stork Scissors

What more do you need than a pair of pretty scissors on your desk? Cutting tape and paper has never been so quaint. Find them here.

16. Monogram Mug

Need a mug that nobody in the office is going to steal? How about a monogrammed mug? Get this one and you’ll never lose it again. Find it here.

17. Acrylic file organizer

Need a file organizer that’s a little bit more minimalistic? This one won’t disrupt the feng shui of your desk and is the perfect size to tuck away. Find it here.

18. The Master Plan

If you need a place to store your ‘Master Plan’, this bullet journal is perfect. Not only will it look good on your desk, the dot-grid method is proven to improve productivity, and you can spend time getting creative, writing notes, keeping a diary, creating productivity and time management systems, and designing your perfect day. Buy it here.

19. Macaron Rose Candle

If you need a candle that’s simple, beautiful, and smells amazing, try this one. Any home office will benefit from this candle. Buy it here.

20. Gemstone iPhone case

If you’re still searching for a phone case that’ll look nice on your desk, this marble gemstone case is perfect. On trend and will look good as an accompaniment to your tech on your desk. Find it here.


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