3 Reasons Your HVAC May Require Attention

When it comes to your HVAC system, you’ll read and hear a lot about maintenance. The constant talk is not because it’s difficult or usually even very time-consuming. Maintenance is one of those niggling things that’s important to do, but you may not want to think about it. It’s the same with servicing your AC unit. When you hear strange noises, your system isn’t working as well as it used to, you see high energy bills, or you’re just interested in options for improving your system, schedule a service call. 

Strange Noises

There are lots of noises that you’ll hear coming out of your AC unit. You’ll get used to it.  Most of the noises are perfectly normal. There are, however, sounds that you shouldn’t ignore. Clicking sounds at startup can be an indication of a capacitor problem. Hissing could point to a rusted heat pump accumulator, leaky valves, faulty flare connections, or leaky pump coils. Screeching can point to a problem with compression or the fan motor. Buzzing might mean electrical issues. Banging is a sign that something has come loose. For sounds like these, call your AC technician to take a look. 

Loss of Cooling 

Hot day
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On a hot summer day, you notice a drop in the cooling levels right away. The issue can be caused by something as simple as a leaky duct, blocked vents, an overheated part, or a problem with your refrigerant levels. Check your vents to make sure there’s nothing blocking the airflow. Also, if you haven’t replaced your air filter, check to see if that could be an issue. 

Once you’ve checked the basics, call your AC repair technician to diagnose and fix the problem. A drop in cooling levels is not usually something that will resolve on its own, but if you act quickly, your HVAC repair tech should be able to take care of the issue.

Energy Bills 

Increased energy bill
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If you’re still looking at your energy bill and wondering how it could have gone up so high, it’s important to act now, while you’re focused on the issue. Your rapid response to any of these common problems can prevent more serious issues from evolving. Your health and safety is always the top concern.

You don’t need to be experiencing a serious problem or concern to call an HVAC technician to evaluate your system. You can also call Sensigreen if you have questions about energy efficiency and technological innovation. With their experience and knowledge, an AC repair tech can offer recommendations and solutions for your situation. The goal is to improve the comfort and energy efficiency in your home while saving you time and money.  

 Maybe you’ll make simple adjustments to the layout of your rooms, or the paint on your walls, or your carpets. Perhaps you’ll get a smart programmable thermostat, and use it to save time and money both now and in the long term. Just a few modifications can save you hundreds every year while improving the comfort and security of your home. 

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