5 Tips for finding a job fast

5 Tips for finding a job fast

We have all looked for a job at one time or another. Some of us have experienced that dreaded downsizing where we are forced to find a job quickly. Other times we just want a new job for various reasons. No matter the reason you are looking for a job, there are a few tips that will greatly improve your chances of finding a job quickly. If you simply post a generic resume to a job that you feel is a great fit or post your resume on multiple job boards, you will most likely not receive any feedback. Read on and learn the five tips you can do to increase your odds of landing a new job quickly.

If you follow all the tips below, you will start to realize that trying to find a job is a full-time job. You need to set up your own routine to keep focus and set a goal of x number of resumes submitted weekly. Without setting goals and a strategy, the job search can become overwhelming and depressing, causing you to submit fewer and fewer resumes. I suggest that you create your routine and introduce fun games and time-out activities to allow your brain to take a break and refresh. Don’t get depressed if you don’t get any responses right away. Keep sticking to the strategy outlined here, and you will find that perfect job.

1. Networking  

Many people obtain a new job by being referred by a friend or colleague. Networking at its core is getting to know people; in our job hunt, the more people we connect with, the more connections we have to get that perfect job. There are many ways to network; let’s review a few of them:

  • Join trade groups; if I were in the technology field, I might look up meet-up groups in my area and join one. These groups have regular meetings where they discuss industry trends and set aside time during each meeting for networking. This is the perfect place to meet others in your industry when the time comes for a new job. These are the people that know you and are your best opportunity to find those unpublished jobs to provide that warm introduction. You can join more than one trade group, the more, the better. Just make sure not to overstretch yourself.
  • Join community organizations; these organizations are normally non-profits that assist those in the community. This is another great way to contribute to your local community while getting to know your neighbors. Again when it’s time to find a new job, you already have a connection with this group, and is a great opportunity to put the word out that you are looking for a job.

2. LinkedIn Articles 

Want people to look at you as an expert, and what better way to achieve this than to write articles on topics concerning your work expertise. LinkedIn is the perfect medium to publish your work; other like-minded individuals are already a part of the LinkedIn community and rely on these articles to stay current with their profession. I would recommend publishing a new unique article at least every other week. After doing this for some time, you will start to be recognized as a leader in your field. When applying for jobs on LinkedIn, recruiters will be able to see the work you have contributed. You can also highlight those articles within your Resume. There is nothing like a publication to tell your story better than a resume. I know this can take a lot of time, but it is one of the best ways to build your reputation within your field.

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3. Tailored Resume per job 

Large companies use Applicant Tracking Systems. These systems are designed to analyze your Resume via artificial intelligence to best match candidates to the skills they are looking for in the position. Because this is all automated, qualified applicants slip through the cracks. In order to game the system and have your resume make it through to a real person, you need to tailor it to every job you apply for. Use systems like jobscan.com, where you place the job description on their site and your resume. They will go through both and grade how well you match up with the requirements of the job. They will provide you a score; you have unlimited edits to get that score as high as possible. The main thing they are looking for is that you hit all the keywords and soft skills listed in the job description. With jobscan.com, if you hit around 75% to 80% according to their metrics, your chances of reaching a real person and an interview go way up. If you fail to follow this tip, you will be submitting hundreds of resumes with little to no responses.

4. Resume Format

Like I mentioned that you must customize your resume for every job because a computer algorithm is scanning your document vs. HR. This means you need to have your resume structured in the proper format in order for the computer to properly read its contents. If you put too much formatting or get too cute with the layout, the computer is going to miss a lot of your important information. Click here to download a sample format you can follow.

5. Job Boards

Post your resume on all the job boards (Indeed.comLinkedInDice.comMonster.com, and more). This will give you more exposure to those recruiters who search the boards to find qualified candidates. Since these systems use artificial intelligence as well, you need to tailor your resume to be read by a computer.  Make sure to include all the pertinent keywords for the job you want. Update your resume every 30 days.  This way, recruiters will know you are actively looking.  You only need to change a word or two for the system to see it as new.

Also, consider posting your resume on specific job boards for a particular job you are seeking. For example, this job board is for veterinary professionals looking for positions with an animal hospital or clinic. When you use a job board that is focused on the area of your interest, you are more likely to find the type of job you are seeking.


Now that you know what you need to do in order to increase your chances of gaining that new job, go ahead and start setting up your resume.  Post your resume on the various job boards.  Most importantly, don’t let the job search get you down.  Make sure to include fun activities into your routine to keep your head on straight.

Good luck with your job search. You can do it!