5 Tweaks To Your Evening Routine That Will Change Your Life

How many things could you get ticked off if you were more productive? Productivity, for me, isn’t just the art of getting things done, but the art of getting them done at the right time. I’m never going to finish my massive list of to-dos if I’m caught up finishing one thing that takes all day. Instead, it’s so much better to theme your time and break your time up into blocks. Read about how Google employees theme their day to be more productive here if you need a refresher on how best to do this.

Beth Macdonald

Managing Editor

I’m the Managing Editor of CGD. I’m a graduate of the Penguin Writer’s Academy and have published a short story. I specialize in copywriting, digital marketing, and research.

Source Link – https://www.careergirldaily.com/5-evening-routine-ideas-to-make-you-more-productive/