A 7 Day Healthy Meal Plan You Can Try This Week


We all want to be healthy and eat well, but recipes can be so complicated and time-consuming that it almost doesn’t seem worth it. That’s why meal planning and prep is always your friend – especially if your weeks get crazy. We’ve compiled our delicious 7-day healthy meal plan, crammed full of yummy, quick things to make.

We’ve also handily calculated all your daily calories, we’ve planned out three meals a day so all you have to do is add your favorite healthy snacks (apple and peanut butter anyone?) and make sure you hit around 1,500 calories a day! This is a super easy, healthy meal plan anyone can follow with a bit of prep time.


Breakfast: Overnight Oats


Delicious and nutritious, make a batch of these overnight by soaking oats in milk with your choice of fruit, nuts, seeds or other toppings. Breakfast is a staple of your 7 day healthy meal plan, so make it count. Recipe here.

Calories: 221

Lunch: Greek Salad


Salads don’t have to be boring! Pair tomatoes and greens with crumbly feta and chickpeas for a filling lunch. Recipe here.

Calories: 199

Dinner: Brown Rice Goddess Bowl


The best thing about this dish is you can mix and match all the ingredients to your liking. Make it vegan or vegetarian, dairy-free or gluten-free – the choice is yours! Recipe here.

Calories: 556

Total calories from meals: 976
Remaining calories for healthy snacks: 524

Have you thought about going vegan but also want a bodybuilder’s body?  Think it is impossible on a vegan diet?  You will be very surprised what you can achieve on a vegan diet.  With a vegan bodybuilding meal plan you can reach your goals and beyond.   With this plan you will enjoy tasty plant foods allowing you to either gain pounds of lean vegan muscle or shred fat.