Best 6 Honeymoon Ideas For Newlyweds This Year

If you’re getting married next year, then you’ll need to visit the top honeymoon destinations for 2020. These are the best honeymoon spots that offer everything to fit your specifications as a couple. Whether you’re laid back, adventurous, or want a romantic getaway or family time out. You’ll surely find places that are on the hot and top list for 2020.

From the best honeymoon destinations to far-flung locales, beaches, deserts, and budget-friendly options. We will show you 5 honeymoon ideas for the best place to visit for every type of honeymoon.

1. Mauritius honeymoon destination 2020

Mauritius is arguably one of the best places to honeymoon for the year 2020. Сountry rich in tourism, it keeps evolving at a steady pace. Blessed with fine sand beaches, ethereal mountainous backdrops, and a breathtaking sunset. This place is one of the most out-of-this-world romantic honeymoon destinations. It suits a couple on a lazy honeymoon and an adventurous one too. From hiking to surfing, scuba diving, golf, and full course relaxation. They are also some of the best honeymoon resorts like the Beachcomber resorts.

2. Cyprus honeymoon destination 2020

Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, makes this place her home. So you can imagine it to be one of the most perfect romantic honeymoon destinations. The sun doesn’t have the time to rest here. It’s on duty all year round. This also makes it a perfect place to propose in the sunshine, with one of the best engagement rings. You can go ahead to toast to your love in the vineyards. After the wedding, come back to sail around Akamas, explore the ruins of Nicosia, and shop till you drop at Limassol. Camp at the Columbia beach resorts found in Pissouri to get the best of Cyprus. It’s 5 stars and overlooks the blue flag of Pissouri bay. A beautiful sight for sore eyes. Be sure to pack some True Pheromones to create a greater desire for each other and make your honeymoon special. Pheromones are chemical messengers that stimulate sexual arousal and desire.

Honeymoon on a yacht
Image by Андрей Миропольский from Pixabay

3. Maldives honeymoon destination 2020

Your top choice of honeymoon destination. It’s a place of an unforgettable experience and long lost lasting romance. It’s luxurious, woven into magic, and budget-friendly for the average couple. Imagine dining safely with the fishes in an underwater restaurant. Better experienced than told. Couples may also take their romance to the beach, colorful clouds, and a candlelit dinner. For some adventure, go snorkeling, scuba diving, cruising, kayaking, and other water sports. The Maldives is a paradise and has remained one of the top 5 honeymoon destinations of choice for a long time.

4. Greece honeymoon destination 2020

A Greece romantic getaway for the year 2020 looks full of fulfillment and adventure already. Moving from Santorini to Crete and then Mykonos offers an eye full of luxurious pleasure. This place offers you historic whitewashed walls in Santorini and private pool villas over the turquoise sea. Santorini remains most booked for a holiday in Greece. You’ll also fulfill your wish of lodging in traditional cave villas and vistas. In Greece, couples will never run out of water sports and romantic spots to create memories. Do not forget to see the historic isle of Spinalonga. It is possible if you stay at the blue palace resorts and spa in Crete. A trip to Greece is a trip to make pleasures to cherish forever.

5. Thailand honeymoon destination 2020

Go all the way to Asia and the breathtaking country of Thailand for a mini honeymoon vacation. Rich in culture, tradition, beauty, and people, it remains one of the best honeymoon spots. Become one with nature in the elephant hills and Thai forest, and explore the big Buddha of Phuket. Visit the famous James Bond Island and Koh Panyee while exploring Phang Nga bay. The Phi Phi Island is not left out of you want to see where the movie “the beach” was made. Couples can end the day by toasting to love at the Vertigo and Moon bar at the banyan tree.

Thailand beach
Image by MustangJoe from Pixabay

6. The Caribbean honeymoon destination 2020

The Caribbean is one of the best honeymoon places to bolt to after real stress. So, if you want a mix of lazy and adventurous time off, jet out to a Caribbean island. This place is a tropical island, so you’ll get to celebrate with lots of tropical rum punch. All the swaying palm trees on a cool day with your feet dug in soft sand are so soul-soothing. There are so many romantic honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean, and it depends on your kind of fun. There’s Jamaica for all the parties and then Grenada, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Bahamas, Antigua Etc. You get to also enjoy premium spirits, fine dining, land and water sports, and island events.

Above are the top honeymoon destinations for 2020. Check them out, get hitched, and take off on an unforgettable experience.

Featured Image by Björn Hermansson on Pixabay