Decorative Charger Plates Under a Dinner Plate

More significant than regular dinner plates, these decorative table accents are integral to a well-rounded place setting. They are often seen at luxury catered events, weddings, banquets, and fine dining establishments as a way to add a decorative touch of class to the tablescape.

Chargers are easy to pair with any decor theme and are available in various materials, including glass, acrylic/plastic, wood, and rattan. They are also incredibly versatile and serve multiple purposes.

Stylish Foundation for Your Dinnerware

Whether setting the table for a wedding reception, holiday party, or intimate dinner for two, decorative charger plates can help elevate your tablescape and leave guests with an unforgettable experience. Available in various shapes, sizes, and styles, these decorative serving pieces at sites like eFavormart can tie together the different colors, textures, and design elements throughout the rest of your table décor, making for a harmonious and visually striking presentation.

Charger plates are designed to provide a stylish foundation for the dinnerware on top when placed underneath a diner plate. Because they’re larger than appetizer or dinner plates, they can catch food pieces and spills to prevent them from staining tables or tablecloths. They also retain heat, which can help warm up entrees or reheat leftovers.

For best results, place charger plates at each seat before dinner begins. Then, layer soup bowls, salad plates, and entree dishes on top until guests are ready to eat. Be sure to remove or wipe down the charger plates in between each course to keep them looking crisp and clean. Decorative charger plates can also be used as the base for floral centerpieces, small candle arrangements, and other decorative accents. Please review the meeting before guests arrive to ensure it’s aligned, evenly spaced, and visually balanced.

Adds Depth and Texture to Your Tablescapes

Charger plates aren’t just for function but also a visual element that elevates tablescape decor. Various shapes, colors, materials, and textures offer endless possibilities for crafting a one-of-a-kind setup.

Whether you’re hosting a casual beach wedding, an elegant dinner party, or a lavish gala, charger plates are the perfect way to add elegance and style to your tablescape. You can pair them with table linens, napkin rings, menu cards, centerpieces, and even candles to create a polished presentation.

When choosing a charger plate, consider its aesthetic, color, and material to match your event theme and the rest of your tableware. For example, glass and ceramic charger plates complement a classic table setting, while wooden or rattan options lend a natural flair to beach-themed events or outdoor weddings. If you’re planning a boho-chic or vintage-inspired soiree, acrylic charger plates with a gilded rim or a hand-painted design can be a stunning choice.

You can also use a charger plate as a focal point for the centerpiece, such as a vase or bowl filled with flowers or other plants. Try pairing a colorful or textured plate with a coordinating napkin fold to elevate your place settings. A fan-fold or layered pocket fold with silk napkins looks beautiful when tucked under a gilded charger plate and tied with a decorative napkin ring.

Serves as a Tray or Platter

Whether planning a romantic dinner, festive holiday party, or intimate dinner, charger plates are essential to complete your tablescape. They offer a chic foundation and elevate your dining experience, making it memorable for all your guests. These beautiful pieces come in multiple colors, materials, designs, and shapes to fit the ambiance of any event.

Use them as a base for a floral centerpiece or a decorative bowl of passed hors d’oeuvres to please your guests and create a memorable meal aesthetically. You can also display pillar candles on them to lighten the mood of any space.

Choose a design to suit your theme and style, such as a delicate floral pattern or a shimmering metallic finish. Alternatively, if you prefer a more monochromatic and elegant aesthetic, choose a neutral color or shades within the same hue to create a cohesive and harmonious arrangement.

Regardless of your preference, always follow proper etiquette when using charger plates at any luxury catered event, wedding reception, or special occasion. Once the main course is served, remove the charger plates from each place setting and replace them with the dinner plate before serving dessert. Inspecting each charger plate for damage is essential to ensure it looks its best when placed with your other dinnerware.

Makes a Chic Accent Centerpiece

A decorative charger plate, an underplate, or a service plate elevates your dinnerware. These large platters are often used underneath plates and bowls to prevent table linens from getting stained during meal service. They can also help retain heat in dishes.

Traditionally, chargers are more significant than regular plates and can be made from various materials. Choose a material that reflects the mood and theme of your event. For example, a rustic wedding could call for wooden or rattan chargers that complement natural linens and floral arrangements. Or, a glass charger could be the perfect choice for a modern, luxe wedding.

While they’re commonly used under dinner plates, they can also serve as a tray or platter to move around appetizers and desserts. If you choose to use them for this purpose, place a doily or a linen napkin on top to avoid coming in contact with food. Chargers are also ideal for grouping pillar candles to create a chic accent centerpiece.

Add texture and depth to your tablescapes by pairing decorative charger plates with woven placemats, fabric overlays, or floral centerpieces. For glamorous nuptials or vintage celebrations, gold flatware and drink glasses pair beautifully with chargers in rich hues. For a coastal wedding, a shell or sea-inspired pattern complements the beachy vibe.

Featured Image by brendaplatinum from Pixabay