Finding the Perfect Fragrance at Sephora



I just bought the new Chloe Nomade fragrance from, and I love it. With keys notes of Oakmoss, Freesia, and Mirabelle plum, it’s a warm, empowering, and feminine (but not too sweet) scent that I can rock from day to night.

I purchased the Nomad Eau de Parfum as well as the travel-size spray for my travels—I can throw it in my carry-on or day bag while on the go! Score.

Chloe Nomade

Over the years, different scents remind me of various trips I’ve taken. Our sense of smell has the power to transport us to a specific place and time. That’s why I have go-to fragrances for cities, deserts, and tropical destinations, as well as signature scents for summer and winter travel.

This scent, now, will forever remind me of my time in South Africa.

Chloe Nomade Travel Size

Fragrance Finder

While high-quality fragrances have the perception of being pretty expensive, Sephora offers fragrances in all different price ranges and sizes! Not sure you want to spring for the full bottle? Try out a travel-size spray of the scent for around $30 instead.

Using the fragrance finder on, you can find a new fragrance that will fit you perfectly in just five, quick steps.

Here are some of my other favorites from Chloé!

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