Hey 2019! House and Life update…


Hey guys!  Its been a minute…but I am back!  Wanted to take some extra time after the holiday to finish up things on our house and spend time with my family. It was an awesome break but I am really excited for this year and whats to come!  Since I’ve been gone for awhile, I thought I would do a quick 5 things update:

  1. We still haven’t moved into our house…but its SOOOOO close!  I know I’ve said this a couple times but I think we might be moving in this weekend! (I added a bunch of home update pics on my instagram stories so if you missed it, you can click on the home highlight reel to catch up!)
  2. A lot of you guys have asked about our exterior lights, I am so excited about how they turned out. Here’s a link to the lights.
  3. Just left on my first work trip of the year with Lancome to Sonoma! Its my first time here…any suggestions?
  4. I was looking through pics of my pregnancy announcement with Beckam today and my best friend Jen and I realized her due date coming up is the exact same day that Beckam was due back in March of 2014!  B came 5 days early and she is measuring a week ahead, so how crazy would it be if her new baby boy has the same birthday as B?!
  5.  Our internet has been out at our house for over a month, and they keep saying they will send a new router and they haven’t yet!!! Freaking Century Link…don’t use them!! There are so many shows we have been wanting to watch on Netflix and haven’t been able to catch up on!  But we finally watched Birdbox…I normally hate scary movies and to be honest I had to cover my eyes a couple of times, but I loved it!  I love a good suspenseful movie. What have you been watching on Netflix lately?


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