How Meghan Markle Plans Her Day

It should be no news to you that daily routines are essential to bring structure and balance to your life. And Meghan Markle knows this well. She understands that especially for the career woman things can get very busy and overwhelming at times. But that doesn’t excuse her from doing all the things that she should be doing.

And although since becoming the Duchess, there have been certain pleasures and lifestyle changes that Meghan has had to make, there are certain things that she will never let go of. And these are the things that impact her health and wellbeing. Meghan’s priorities are maintaining her health and her energy, which is really important for her productivity and shaping her as the woman we know her to be today.

We know that balance isn’t an easy thing to achieve. That’s why we’re wondering how the Duchess does it all and still manages to be positive and look amazing? Well, you have to take a look at her daily routine to find out this answer.

Elizabeth Smith

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