How Successful Women Manage Their Time

Managing time can be a tricky task. There are so many demands placed on modern life, from social media, keeping up with friends and family, working and trying to be your best self. A month can literally go by in a minute. The best way to manage your time would be to identify areas that need a little intervention.

If you need some inspiration to manage your time, find out how to use psychological tricks to be more productive here. Meanwhile, the best way to get better at using every hour in your day would be to see how the busiest women in the world do it. These are the women with successful careers, good social lives, and families to take care of too. I always wonder how on earth they manage it, but they have a few non-negotiables that help them be their most productive selves. 

Beth Macdonald

Managing Editor

I’m the Managing Editor of CGD. I’m a graduate of the Penguin Writer’s Academy and have published a short story. I specialize in copywriting, digital marketing, and research.

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