How To Find the Perfect Personal Stylist

*This post is sponsored by Stitch Fix.

When you think of your own personal stylist, think beyond your go-to sales person at your favorite department store! Normally people think stylists are only for celebrities or out of budget, but it’s actually a lot more accessible than you might think – the trick it just to find the right match. I’ve used Stitch Fix a few times and wanted to share some of my tips for finding the perfect stylist for you!

One of my favorite features of Stitch Fix is the detailed questionnaire they have you fill out for your profile – not only about sizing but all kinds of style questions to really help you find the right stylist who understands your style. There are also endless ‘Style Shuffles’ where you can give a thumbs up or thumbs down to specific pieces to help your stylist tailor your Fixes. It’s really all about having your stylist see the whole you, so he/she understands your style beyond just your sizing info.

After you sign up for Stitch Fix, it’s $20 for the service and then you can keep or return anything from the options that they send out. The returns are free and super easy – it comes with a pre-paid envelope bag to send back anything you don’t love. To check out, you just log in to your profile and select the items you want to keep to charge to your payment method. You can also give feedback on every single item you received, whether you loved/hated the fit, the style, the pattern, etc. Honestly that’s one of the biggest tips for finding the perfect stylist is to give them as much feedback as possible! That way your next Fix will be even better. You also have an option to stick with your same stylist or try a new one, so if you don’t love the pieces you received or feel like your stylist didn’t quite get your style, you are just one step closer to finding one who does. Below are some of the outfits I mixed and matched from my favorite pieces in the box. The earrings, sweaters, and shoes were my fave faves, but all the pics below are pieces from my Stitch.

Have you guys tried Stitch Fix? If not, you can get a $25 credit towards your next Fix if you schedule it by May 30th. You can sign up here and leave a note for your stylist about which pieces are missing from your spring wardrobe or if you need something specific for an upcoming event.

XX, Christine

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