How to Maintain a Social Life Without Alcohol

Many social activities revolve around alcohol, in that sometimes it can be hard to picture a social life without it. Because of this, people who avoid alcohol often feel out of place when pressured to drink. Unlike other drugs like cocaine and heroin, alcohol is considered a regular go-to beverage at events and celebrations. Still, people need to remember that alcohol is addictive. Some people choose not to drink due to personal or religious reasons. Others choose not to drink because they are on a recovery journey. How can you maintain your social life while avoiding alcohol? Read on to find some helpful tips.

Learn to Say ‘No’

Everyone has that people-pleasing part in them, making it difficult to say no when someone offers you alcohol. It is good to remember that nothing disastrous will happen simply because you said no to a drink. Accustom yourself to saying no anytime someone offers you a drink in a social setting. At the start of your recovery journey, there will be many follow-up questions after turning down a drink. However, considering that you will probably be interacting with the same circle, your friends will stop offering you drinks on time. If you are in a new setting, you can simply say you feel better when you do not drink or feel unwell and don’t want to worsen the situation.

Looking For Alternative Activities

Find activities you can do with friends that do not involve drinking. As much as alcohol has been normalized in almost all social settings, there is still so much one can do that does not include alcohol. Rather than going to the club, try activities like paintballing, hiking, swimming, or going to a movie. In addition, even if people around you want to drink, but you want to remain sober, you can choose to go to a joint that does not focus solely on serving alcohol. It always helps to have a few options in mind anytime your friends suggest something you feel uncomfortable with.

Avoid Triggering Situations or Find Healthy Ways to Cope With Them

Some people drink to celebrate a happy event, while others drink because of stress. Understand some of the reasons you drink to prepare yourself for such situations. If you drink to celebrate, why not opt for coffee or a dinner date that does not involve alcohol. If you drink because of stress, opt for exercising or meditating. It can be hard to completely shut yourself from social settings, as loneliness can also be a trigger. That is why it is advisable to develop strategies to deal with triggers in social settings.

Find Alternative Drinks

A lot of social settings serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Whenever you are at a bar, a restaurant, or a party, opt for non-alcoholic drinks. Most people will not offer you a drink when you already have one. This can also prevent you from having to say no to a ton of people at a party.

Socialize Through Sober Networks

There is no rule against having more than one set of friends. You can reduce your time with friends who love drinking and spend more time with sober friends. When in a recovery center, you will learn how to create beneficial relationships. Besides that, you can also learn more about how to achieve sobriety. Sober friends will give you the support you need to lead a sober life.

Social life does not have to revolve around drinking alcohol. The tips above can help you enjoy a healthy social life that does not tempt you into drinking.

Featured Image by Amit Kumar from Pixabay