How To Make Your Daily Planner More Interesting

Writing in a daily planner will not only make you more productive, but it will also help you organize your life and stay on track when things get busy. The Getting Stuff Done planner is the perfect daily planner as it contains space for both your to-dos and notes and a section for tracking your self-care. Writing in it daily will help you stay on top of all your to-dos, goals, and notes while making sure you take care of yourself.

Now, how do you make sure your daily planner is motivating, inspiring, and fresh every single day? Your daily planner should include the most important information, but you can also use it to log a whole host of other things. In fact, the possibilities are endless. You can add to your planner however you’d like, in fact, the more creative you can be the better. You’re more likely to remember information and stay on track if you’ve taken the time to add something different to your daily spread. From photos to quote cards, colors to stickers, get creative with your planner and take some inspiration from these ideas:


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