How to Style Popular Birthstone, Birth Flower, and Birth Month Jewelry

Birthstone, birth flowers, and birth month jewelry can make an incredibly meaningful gift to yourself or anyone else. With the rise in mainstream popularity of Zodiacs, many people are more tuned into their birth month energy. While we love a good horoscope, birth flowers can be a more fitting option for those who don’t tune into their zodiac signs.

Birth flowers are not one flower only. Your birth flower can be a flower that blooms in your month or that represents the season. Many flowers have spiritual and mythical meanings that have been associated with them for centuries. Birth flower jewelry makes a great gift for new moms, new grandmas, or your closest friends. Each piece is meaningful and personal, so no one will be disappointed. After all, who doesn’t love flowers?

Birthstone Jewelry Origin

Birthstone jewelry has been around for centuries as well. Their origin is actually in the Book of Exodus. In the Bible, a breastplate worn by Aaron, the first high priest of the Israelites, is adorned with twelve stones. Each had a different color and represented the twelve tribes of Israel. Many centuries later, a connection was made between the twelve stones, the twelve months of the year, and the twelve zodiac signs. A tradition of wearing these colorful stones to represent the months or month started here. People believed stones could provide the wearer with protection and powers as well. This was the beginning of the longstanding birthstone trend we know today.

Birth month jewelry is a longstanding tradition from Zodiac jewelry to birth flowers. You can easily find a gift for anyone you love. You can celebrate your sign, show off your favorite flower, or harness the power of your birth month. There are so many things you can do with your birth flower jewelry. You can adorn a bracelet with your wedding flower, your seasonal choice, or wear your loved one’s birth flower.

Makes Great Gifts

Birthstone jewelry is a luxurious and elegant choice for birthday gifts, anniversaries, and for your everyday jewelry. You can pair it with just about anything and dress up your jewelry for big events. You can wear your own birthstone or your kid’s birthstones altogether. There are so many different styles of birthstone jewelry, from ornate to intricate to minimalist. A burgeoning jewelry industry provides so many unique options so you can find the perfect piece. 

Your jewelry can and should reflect what matters to you. Birthstones are a classy way to give your collection a subtly personal touch. Birth flowers are also an elegant and feminine choice to add a touch of fun to your stack. If neither of those is quite your style, then Zodiac jewelry might be your winner. Whether you’re interested in simply styling a new type of jewelry or you are looking for something that makes a statement, there are so many ways to play up your new jewelry. 

Featured Image by wsnaccad, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons