Is Bingo A Women’s Game

If you think that the world of online slot machines is just for men, it’s time to think again. Gambling habits have changed in recent years, and especially so since games moved away from the exclusivity of the casinos and found their way online. With the right opportunity and environment presented to them, research has shown that women enjoy gambling online just as much as men do, and for largely the same reasons.

In fact, according to research, women love these games even more than men, especially bingo. Women make up about seventy percent of bingo players in the UK and about eighty percent globally, usually due to the fact that in many third world countries it’s still considered a woman’s game.


There is also a stereotype that most bingo players are elderly women, which sometimes results in men feeling embarrassed to play bingo, even if they really enjoy it. In some instances, men have played online bingo under female usernames in order to not have an obvious association with this type of game.

Another reason why most bingo players are women is that women are far more social than men, generally speaking. They like bingo because for them, it means time to socialize and meet new people, which is far less exciting of an activity to most men. While men don’t find it relaxing to play a board game, women often prefer bingo as a form of stress reduction. This is why bingo has become such an appealing game for women.

There are even online bingo sites especially dedicated to women and here are just a few of them:

Woman Bingo

No download, mobile ready, and 100% hassle free, this bingo site offers you loads of games, including 75 and 90 ball and speed bingo. While this site was designed for women, men are also welcome.

Once you become a member and have made your first deposit, you are ready to play! You have over 150 games to choose from – including bingo, slots and casino games. You’ll find great bingo rooms such as Tiki Bingo, Cloud and Emerald, where tickets cost from 1p, 2p and 5p. Other popular games include Bingo Lounge and Tiki Bingo!

After you’ve signed up, deposited a minimum of £10 and played through it all, you’ll receive 200 extra bingo tickets that have a total worth of £50. You’ll also receive 30 spins for the popular Double Bubble slot, a cute fish-themed game with wilds and multipliers, featuring a shark, seahorse, and well, fish.

One of the best things about Woman Bingo is the community, i.e. the chat rooms where you can chat with other members and make like-minded friends.

Lucky Ladies Bingo

This site opened in January 2015 and opted for Cozy software and the Live Bingo Network. They offer a no deposit free bingo and a huge selection of games. You can play all manner of bingo styles from 90 ball right down to 30 ball.

The promotions on Lucky Ladies are pretty generous and simple to understand. You get weekly cashback just for playing, there’s a Jackpot Special every week of up to £500, and a Newbie Bonus system rewarding you with 500% on the first deposit, 350% on the second, and 300% on the third.


If you’re a lady and you’re fond of bingo, 888 Ladies should be your kind of place. Cassava Enterprises Ltd might be intent on funnelling female players to 888 Ladies, but you can play at the site regardless of your gender.

888 Ladies, like all gambling websites, is eager to recruit new players and does that with a welcome bonus of a 500% match when you deposit £10. This cash can be wagered on bingo or slots. The site also has a bingo room dedicated to new players: the £888 Newbies room. If you’ve registered in the last 3 days, you can take part in the games which kick off every 10 minutes. £888 are available in prizes every 3 days.

Whether you like to be out and about, or just chill out on the couch, these online bingo sites are there for you. While the excitement of playing the game is important, most players like these sites because of the community. The chat feature is well used and there’s always someone hanging out no matter what time of the day. Most of the ladies speak your bingo lingo and the conversation is lively.

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