Life Lately + My Favorite Shoes for the New Year

Obsessed with my new shoes! They are so comfy and come in lots of cute colors.

Love the detail on this cropped sweatshirt and the cowl neck! Its on sale right now too, 30% off!


Hey hey hey! Hope you guys all had a good Christmas, our kids were wiped out with colds and fevers so it was a super mellow Christmas, poor kiddos. I haven’t posted a whole lot lately, been enjoying time off with the family, so I thought I would do a catch up post with what we have been up to lately.

  1. We got C of O  on our new house!! There is still a lot of random details that need to be done, so we decided to wait until everything is 100% done to move in so we don’t have a bunch of contractors in and out once we move in. We talked to a lot of our friends and family who had moved in before it was totally done and said it’s really stressful so as anxious as I am we decided to wait 🙂 So it’s looking like mid January right now, which actually kind of works out good cause our couch comes around same time 🙂
  2. We have been packing up our house and I am so thankful we got rid of so much stuff when we moved last time, but holy cow it’s crazy how easy it is to accumulate random junk. Both Cody and I really want to try and minimize our lives as much as possible when we move so we don’t have the clutter and junk.
  3. I haven’t bought a ton of new clothes lately (been mostly getting new home decor stuff), but I did get some new work out clothes, because, well I just love comfy clothes. These sneakers I’m obsessed with, they come in lots of colors and they are probably my most comfortable shoe! I had them in two colors in the older styles and wore them out so I just got new ones a couple weeks ago. I also got this cute Adidas sweatshirt . I love the slouchy neck on it and it’s on major sale right now at Finish line (under $50)! They have so much cute Adidas stuff right now. I also ordered these pink Ultra boosts that are on sale.
  4. Cody got me this really cool planner for Christmas, and it has you evaluate your day, week, and month in every aspect from personal, business, family, taking time for yourself, ect. I was listening to a podcast by the guy who wrote it and it was talking about how you are only effective for 50 minute periods. So he sets alarms on his phone to go off every 50 minutes when he’s working, to stand up walk around and take a quick break. Even if he is writing a book, and in the middle of a thought, he takes a break when the timer goes off.
  5. I’ve been doing the celery juice challenge (drinking 16oz of celery juice every morning on an empty stomach) for a little over 2 weeks, I missed 2 or 3 days in there with the holidays,but I feel like it’s helped my skin a lot. Especially my eczema. I get little patches on my hand and leg during the winter because it’s so dry in Utah, and it completely cleared up with out any medicine or creams since I’ve been drinking celery juice. I also feel like it was just a good overall cleanse. I haven’t noticed a ton of other differences, they say it helps with brain fog, clarity, energy, and lots of other things. Maybe a little more clarity, but overall I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect I just feel a little more healthier drinking it 🙂


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