Planning the Perfect Non-Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love a good party? While birthdays tend to be the most popular type of party, they’re only one of many that you can have. If you’re in the mood for planning a party, here are some other non-birthday parties that you can enjoy.

Remember to plan the music to fit the event. Consider a silent disco rental so your guests can enjoy the music, but the neighbors won’t have a problem, even if you go late into the night. Renting a silent disco setup involves acquiring wireless headphones, transmitters, and possibly additional equipment like lighting and DJ services. Ensure the headphones have multiple channels for different music streams. Look for local companies that specialize in silent disco rentals. Consider national companies that offer shipping. Silent disco setups can be popular, so book well in advance, especially for weekends or special occasions.

Retirement Party

Deciding that it’s officially time to quit your day job and take life easy is a big step. Just like other big moments in life, you should celebrate by having a party. Retirement parties are a great time to reflect on a person’s contribution to the office.

Apart from traditional games, to keep things interesting, consider having all your guests give a short speech about how the retiree has affected them in a positive way. This will send them off with positive feelings.

Reveal Party

Reveal party
Image by Marc Leos from Pixabay

Having a baby is a big deal. While there is a traditional baby shower, you don’t have to stop there. A gender reveal party is the newest craze to bring family and friends together to really celebrate pregnancy. Unlike a baby shower where the party is geared towards women, a gender reveal party is for everyone. Keep that in mind when planning your party.

It’s a good idea to provide meals or snacks when planning for a reveal party. You also want to have a few games picked out so that people stay entertained during the party. When it comes to the big moment, there are lots of ways to make it special. Consider a gender-reveal confetti cannon to go over the top. Other gender-reveal products include balloons, smoke bombs, bath bombs, and even baseballs.


Whether graduating from high school, college, or another vocational program signifies the completion of a big investment. You should celebrate these accomplishments by throwing a party for the graduate.

Take into consideration what they love to do and plan some activities that are to their liking. Remember that post-graduation is a time for the graduate to relax and reflect on a big accomplishment in their lifetime.

Halloween Party

Halloween party
Image by Dzidra Dubois from Pixabay

When you’ve been super busy throughout the year, you simply want an opportunity to let loose and have fun. Halloween is the perfect time for that. Give yourself and your friends time to let your hair down, get all dolled up, and party the night away.

A Halloween party won’t be complete without costumes, spooky food, and spooktacular decorations. For your costume, try something you’ve never done before. If you’re into drama or movies set in the distant past, try dressing up in full Viking battle gear or as a Viking royal or peasant. Use accessories and prop weapons, too, to up the ante.

Don’t hesitate to go all-out on the decorations and food or snacks, as well. The best Halloween parties are always the ones with killer setups.

Dinner Party

Sometimes, we just want to have some fun with friends and provide them with a hearty meal. A dinner party is a great spur-of-the-moment party where you can give back to those you care about. When planning a dinner party, it’s essential that you consider who you want to invite and how much food you’ll need.

If cooking isn’t your thing, you can still have a dinner party. Consider hiring someone else to cook or simply ordering food that you can pick up. Depending on the guests you invite, you may want to spend the evening talking or plan some games to keep things entertaining throughout the evening. You know your guests, so prepare accordingly.

Bachelorette Party

When one of your lady friends is getting ready to tie the knot, throwing her a bachelorette party to say goodbye to her single life is a must. These types of parties can vary widely depending on the bachelorette’s preferences.

When planning a bachelorette party, consider her interests. This party should be constructed of things that she likes to do that are geared towards relieving stress. So good examples include bar hopping, a sleepover at a hotel, or a weekend at the beach. Remember that she undoubtedly has a bunch of stress due to the rush of wedding planning and taking a big step in life. Aim to ease her stress with a fun distraction.

Holiday Party

The holiday season is something almost everyone looks forward to. Make it more festive and exciting by throwing your own holiday party. Invite your closest family and friends, and prepare delicious food and fun activities.

If you celebrate Christmas, you can have an ugly Christmas sweater party and play a holiday sweater scavenger hunt. The person with the ugliest sweater and the first person to finish the hunt will win awards and nice prizes. Later, you can sit, relax, and chat while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.