The 6 Keys To A Incredibly Happy Life


What does it mean to have a happy life?

Is it all about doing what you want, when you want, and making no apologies for living your best life? Or is it more about taking care of yourself, depriving yourself, and honoring your body?

What will make you happier in the long run? According to George E. Valliant’s book Aging Well from the Harvard study on Adult Development, there are six keys to a happier life. How many of these are you hitting?



In the study, excessive smoking lead to premature death. Smoking was ten times more frequent among the “prematurely dead” than among the “happy-well.” If you ever needed the motivation to quit, this could be it.

The study shows that the simplest route is, in fact, the right one. Do the things you’re supposed to do to stay happy and healthy, and you will be.



Studies showed that a warm, loving childhood often leads to a happy person that ages well. But, you can undo a negative childhood by surrounding yourself with warm and loving people. “It is not the bad things that happen to us that doom us; it is the good people who happen to us at any age that facilitate enjoyable old age…” George summarized.



In the study, the health of educated and non-educated people of the same age were compared. The physical health of people who hadn’t received a higher education was the same as those who were Harvard educated but ten years older, which is shocking.

But when the study compared college-educated people with Harvard educated people, their physical health was the same, they both had a happy, healthy life, and the one similarity they had was that they were higher educated.

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