The Best Destinations to Visit in January

Best Destinations January

When looking for the best places to head to in January, it really depends on what you want: are you looking to embrace wintry weather or escape the cold at tropical destinations? You’ll find tons of places that offer one or the other.

Whether you’re looking for a sandy beach to sit back and relax with a fruity cocktail or you’re looking for a winter wonderland…

These are the best destinations to visit in January!



Bali truly is a year-round destination but for those who are looking for a quiet and peaceful vacation, January is the perfect time to visit.

All of the tourists that were visiting have left which means quieter beaches and lower travel prices. Plus you get to escape the cold that’s waiting for you at home. What’s better than that?



Seychelles is known for its towering mountains, turquoise waters, sandy beaches, and its overall serenity. During the holiday season (particularly Christmas and New Year’s Eve), hotel prices soar and the beaches fill up quickly as everyone is looking to enjoy a tropical paradise for the new year.

However, once those holidays come to an end, everyone heads back home—leaving you with the beach all to yourself!


Want to spend your January spotting wildlife in the Serengeti? Tanzania is the spot for you!

The trees are full of foliage, there’s little to no crowd, and the animals are roaming freely, easy to spot. Some of the best areas to see these animals are the Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Pack light clothing and don’t forget sunscreen during your visit because it can be quite sunny.

British Columbia

If you would rather spend your January vacation soaring down snow-covered slopes, consider British Columbia.

The province is filled with dozens of ski resorts, giving you the chance to try your hand at an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Whether you’re a newbie or a snow sports novice, there are hills for everyone. If skiing or snowboarding isn’t your thing, you can always sit by the fire with some hot chocolate and a good book.

Plus, Vancouver is a wonderful city to explore with its many food trucks and breweries! While Banff is technically in Alberta—right next to the border of B.C., if you’ve got the time it’s a must!


Because Australia is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are opposite of the US, meaning January is summertime. Bring on the heat!

Summer in Sydney is filled with major art exhibitions, major music festivals, outdoor markets, and blockbuster theater shows. One of my favorites? The Sydney Festival, an eclectic 3-week festival complete with art installations, dance performances, circus shows, family activities, and burlesque acts.

Just be prepared for crowds if you decide to ring in the New Year in the city!

galapagos islands

Galápagos Islands

People from all over the world flock to the Galápagos Islands during Christmas through January. Everybody is looking for a warm exotic spot to spend their holidays and the Galápagos are just that. But don’t let the crowds scare you away.

This is one of the best times to visit the islands because the Galápagos Giant Tortoise eggs start hatching. Witnessing these little guys is a once in a lifetime opportunity you won’t want to miss!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

While the Caribbean is a hot spot during Christmas and the New Year, things tend to clear out quickly afterward. You’ll have the place to yourself and you won’t break the bank.

A few days into the year actually means some of the lowest prices of the year. The dry season is also just beginning so you’ll have nice sunny days but the forests will be lush and green, with flowing waterfalls. And don’t forget to take a tour around a coffee farm!


This best time to visit Morocco falls in January when the temperatures have cooled to a manageable zone. During the summer, the Sahara Desert can reach up to well over 100 degrees.

Visiting in January means you’ll be able to experience perfect seventy-degree days in Marrakech and across the desert. You won’t have to spend your vacation worrying about overheating!

Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand

Much like Sydney, January in New Zealand means summer. Because of this, it is one of the most popular months to visit.

Schools and some businesses are on summer break so the country is quite busy. For all of you outdoor lovers. A visit to New Zealand is ideal. You will find locals and visitors alike enjoying sailing, fishing, swimming, surfing, windsurfing, diving, mountain biking, and hiking.


Dubai in January is all about basking in the sun, adventure sports, and shopping at the Dubai Shopping Festival.

The festival does bring in some crowds so the city might be bustling but it’s worth it. The city truly has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to escape with your family or you’re looking to travel solo and try new adventures like tandem skydiving.


Whether you’re looking to soak up some serious sun and come home with a glow or you’re looking to show off at the ski slopes, there are destinations all over the world that make for a perfect vacation in January.

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