The Best Way To Prioritize Your Big Goals

Looking for ways to prioritize your BIG goals when there is so much other stuff going on? I get asked this all the time, so today I am going to talk about how to take really big projects and organize and focus to actually get them done.

There’s been a lot going on in my life this summer. Business-wise, we have a huge Classy Career Girl project. My brother is getting married, it’s my daughter’s last summer before Kindergarten, I have a one-year-old, and I need to make time to take care of myself, too.

One of my strengths in the Strengths Finder is actually focus, so this is an area where I really do well. Today, I am going to share my organizational tips for hitting those big goals.

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The Best Way To Prioritize Your Big Goals

Large projects can get overwhelming. This is how I tackle big projects, like redoing our membership site workbooks, which I have been working on over the last few months.

Lesson 1: Break it into sections and create tasks

Instead of trying to tackle the whole project, break it into pieces. So, for the recent project I am working on, I started by brainstorming all of the tasks that need to be done by July 10th. Then, I brainstormed all the tasks that need to redone by July 31st, and I put those into Asana. Then, I created all the tasks before Sep 26th, which is when we re-open to our waitlist. Once that was all done, I was able to categorize what was the most important task to work on. It feels so much more manageable this way. 

Lesson 2: Only work on one thing at a time

You have to let some stuff go. Don’t go to the next thing until your main important task is done. I set three priorities per week, and I have to let other stuff go while I focus on those tasks. When I was working on redoing the workbooks, I didn’t go to the next task until I got all of the workbooks done. When I have a big project, I have to let other things go. So, I might have to let my Instagram posts go to focus on the one big task so I can check that big thing off the list. 

Lesson 3: Set deadlines for tasks in your project

What is your first priority? I set up projects in Asana by calendar view. So each project has a calendar and due dates. Then every week when I do my planner, I review what needs to get done that week and what I have gotten done the past week. Make sure to create deadlines for each little tasks so you can make sure you hit those big goals. 

Here is my system for hitting those big goals: My organizational system for getting big projects done.

Anna Runyan

Anna Runyan

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