The Coolest Girls In The UK You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now

Where do you get your inspiration from these days? If you said Instagram, you’d be like the other thousands of people (if not millions) all over the world that scroll Instagram every day. With the negative stigma of social media at the moment, it would be a shame not to take a minute to admire the women who have made a living doing what they love, have worked hard, created and curated their own brand and are smashing it every day.

There are hundreds of inspirational, dedicated, and (let’s face it) cool women to follow on Instagram for a little inspiration when you need it, but if you don’t know where to start to get your daily dose of Insta-inspiration, here are thirteen women who are smashing it right now.


Freddie is a French girl living in London. She was Cosmopolitan’s Influencer of the year in 2018, has a TEDx Talk under her belt, is the founder of @bighair_nocare and the #SHEUnleashed Workshop. She lives in London with her husband and their adorable son. Freddie shows her vibrant lifestyle, snapshots of her family, and often shares vulnerable and relatable captions and thoughts about her life, being a woman and a mother, and the products she loves. She’s effortlessly stylish and unashamedly confident. Follow her here.


Camille Charriere grew up in Paris, then moved to London to pursue a career in law and finance. Her strong interest in the creative world led her into the fashion industry, she worked with both NET-A-PORTER and Matches Fashion before going freelance, and now her Instagram account is a curated look into her stylish and sophisticated world. Expect gorgeous photos paired with hilarious and witty captions. We like a woman who’s down to earth and fierce. Follow here.


Having started out on Made In Chelsea, Emma has broken into the YouTube world and regularly vlogs about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics. Her Instagram feed is a reflection of her YouTube channel, including outfit inspo, beautifully curated rooms, travel goals and more. Follow her here.


For Fashion inspiration, Lizzy Hadfield has it. Her blog Shot From The Street is a constant source of inspiration, mixing new pieces with old, showing you how to style more masculine pieces, and sharing her interior decorating tips. Lizzy’s Instagram is a minimalistic dream of great outfits, great locations, and very fashionable friends. Follow her here.


Lucy is a stylist, writer, and travel photographer. As you can imagine, a mixture of those three talents and you’ve got yourself a very fashionable Instagram account. Lucy shares her preppy style along with interior photos, wanderlust, and a piece or two that you just want to buy, like right now. Follow her here.


Monikh is a fashion stylist and writer whose Instagram account is carefully created to show the finer things in life. From the way she dresses to the way she organizes and styles her home. You could take a tip or two from Monikh. Follow her here.


Tamara describes herself as a dream chaser, her YouTube channel is full of hauls, vlogs, and routines. And her Instagram account allows you to take a little peek into her glam life, think helicopter rides, dreamy pools, and lots of incredible dresses. Tamara’s blogging journey has taken her to incredible places over the years and she’s taken her audience with her every step of the way. Follow her here.


Carrie Santana de Silva has been blogging since the golden days, sharing her outfits with vintage edits in dreamy locations. Everything from her wedding to her travels across the globe come with beautiful photos, thought-provoking text and plenty of dreamy scenes. Follow her here.


Tanya Burr is the authority on makeup on YouTube. Her videos now feature vlogs of her travels, what she’s eating, what she’s loving and some of the secrets of her dramatic transformation recently (she looks totally different!). If you love lifestyle content, her Instagram is packed full of photos of her, makeup looks, clothes she loves and travel tips. Follow her here.


Iskra is an #AerieReal RoleModel, she’s a body positive activist and model who features bikini photos, and gorgeous clothes. She’s also been in the Forbes 30 Under 30, showing it how it really is, is what Iskra’s all about. Seeing her embracing how confident and amazing she feels will give you a boost of confidence to do the same. Follow her here. 


Isabella Thordsen is a travel, lifestyle, and fashion blogger. She regularly creates beautiful lifestyle photos of the world around her and the products she loves. At the moment she’s traveling, so expect to see lots of beautiful places, beautiful things, and stunning photo setups. Follow her here. 


Estee Lalonde is one of the original YouTubers, her online life has trickled out into Instagram with photos of her outfits, previews of her podcasts, vacation photos and all the things she loves. Expect vibrant, bright photos. Follow her here.


Patricia Bright is another YouTube original, her videos feature her views on things like “How To Not Be Treated Like Sh*t”, massive clothing hauls, and everything she does during the day. Her vlogs are addictive, and her Instagram is full of photos of her makeup routine, her workouts, and plenty of vacation photos. Follow her here.


Emma Hill is an influencer based in London who vlogs about her style and the things that inspire her. From hauls to what to wear to different occasions. For style inspiration and brilliant lifestyle photos, follow her here. 


Instagramming from, Elena’s account is a great mix of to die for outfits, luxurious vacations, and lifestyle tips. If you aren’t following Elena, find her account here and get some serious lifestyle vibes.


We couldn’t very well do a round-up without Mrs. Hinch in it. Not only does she share some genius cleaning tips and tricks (I wish my house looked like hers all the time) but she shares them with a fresh voice, clear insights, and a refreshing outlook, even when she’s on the front cover of a magazine she’s telling her followers not to wish for her life, and be thankful for what they have. Follow her here if you haven’t yet been converted into how to tidy and organize your life yet.

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