The First Step in Creating Your Plan That Most People Miss

Hello. It is time to start talking about our 2020 goals, our plans, and I’m super excited. I love this time of year. We just finished our planning workshop. We did a live in-person workshop on Saturdays. So, I can’t wait to talk about this. We’re going to be doing it all on the phone.

We actually have a 2020 planning workshop for your virtual workshop that we’re going to be hosting from November 4th through November 10th. So you definitely want to make sure that you sign up for that workshop. You can register for that ar I’m so super excited. It’s going to be a four-part video series workshop.

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The First Step in Creating Your Plan That Most People Miss

We’re gonna help you create your annual plan. We’re going to help you create your vision. We’re going to give you the blueprint to help you create your 90-day plan. I’m giving so much out. I’ve never given so much out before. So I’m super excited to do the planning challenge. It’s not actually a challenge. It’s more of a workshop. I’m so excited. I’m gonna meet answering questions during those 10 days. I’m just going to be giving it all to you guys. So super excited to get you all started for 2020.

So today before we start talking about your 2020 goals, what we really need to do is figure out what the first step is in creating your plan that most people miss.

1)Looking back over the last year, what worked well for you?

It’s like what, what’s happened? I know for me sometimes I’m so busy like thinking about next year’s goals and what do I want to do in the future and my vision and the next thing. 

And I feel like sometimes I’m not where I want to be yet. And I get bummed cause I’m like I was supposed to be, you know, this place and sometimes we just get so in our heads when it comes to this time of year and setting new goals for 2020 that we don’t realize what’s happened in 2019 and all of the successes that we have had so far.

So I wanted us to take a minute here before we even get to the planning workshop on November 4th, where we just kind of think back and we look back and we have, this is like one of the first pages in our free 90-day planners that you can get on our website. This is the first thing you do because I know for me the point where I’m at right now, this is a success. This was my, where I’m at right now is my dream career, my dream life, like my dream family. 

And so, you know, documenting what has worked well, we want to bring those things into 2020 like when we create our plan, I’m starting November 4th. We want to make sure that we bring with those things that did work well. So we have to think back and figure out what are those things that did work well. 

2) What did not work?

So over this last year, what did not work? Cause we want to make sure that we don’t bring the things that did not work with us. We want to make sure that we let those things go. Those things can just go right because those didn’t work for us.

I work too much in summer. That’s one thing that did not work well for me is I work too much for summer and I am already planned next year, next summer to take like a lot of time off because this summer that did not work. I have two kids. I want to be at the pool like I want to be at the beach.

3) I want you to think about is like what are you grateful for.

Being grateful for things in your life that are going to bring more positive things your way. 

So what are those things that you are grateful for? Because we want to bring that into 2022. Right? We want to start 2020 on a very positive, grateful note

To summarize, the three questions to ask yourself to look back before we can make our 2020 plan:

  1. Looking back over the last year, what worked well for you?
  2. What did not work?
  3. What are you grateful for?

Once you complete those three questions, then only then on November 4th, can you start our free virtual planning workshop and we’re going to start planning out 2020. We’re going to do your 90-day plan, your annual plan, and your vision. We’re going to do it all on November 4th. So make sure you go register at Get all registered! 

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