The Perfect Morning Routine According To Your Personality Type

Here in the office, we’ve all found our personality types and can’t believe how scarily accurate the Myers-Briggs test can be. We know that you love personality types, so what better way to end the week than with a personality type article that helps you wake up and be your best self next week! Recently, a friend of mine wasn’t sure which career she should go into, and I directed her to the first article we did on this, plus the 16 personalities test. Weirdly, after she filled in all the questions, she discovered that the career path she was following was the exact right one for her personality type. There’s a reason that many firms use the Myers-Briggs test for candidates, while it might not be completely rooted in facts, it’s definitely interesting to see which qualities and strengths shine through.

While you can use your personality type to find out what career you should be in, and how to plan your perfect day. You can also use it for a thousand other things that will make your day (or week) perfect. One of those is the morning routine. Your perfect morning depends on a variety of things, if you’re wondering why you just can’t seem to roll out of bed in the morning, it could be because you’re just not wired that way. 


If you’re an INTJ, you’re strategic. You probably won’t know many people like you, because just 0.8% of the population is an INTJ personality type. Everything is a strategy for you, you’re ambitious, private, curious, and imaginative. Your strengths lie in the fact that you have a quick and strategic mind, and the self-confidence to back yourself. Success for you will rely on your ability to work independently. You often find yourself in a management or leadership role because you aren’t great at taking direction. 

You might benefit from a morning routine that allows you to reflect. You’re quite focused and often try to do too much in the morning. You’re the kind of person who tries multiple morning routines and tries to get as much as possible done, while you might benefit from taking a step back. Spend the early hours journaling, think about your strengths and weaknesses and try to open yourself up to a day where you work with others, rather than going it alone. A soft and easy morning routine will stop you from burning out.

Grab a Make It Happen notebook, pour yourself a herbal tea and really try to spend at least thirty minutes in the morning focusing on you, yourself, and your goals, while giving yourself space to accept your weaknesses and focus on your strengths. 


Like INTJ, you are Introverted, Intuitive and Thoughtful. You are also Perceptive, which makes you a quiet and brilliant thinker. You are most likely studious and academic, and you love finding solutions to problems and patterns in the world around you. Your success depends on your ability to use your strengths, all the time. You are eccentric but insanely logical.

Unline INTJ, your favorite kind of morning is quiet and reflective. You like to allow yourself space, but you could do with an injection of structure. You should try getting up an hour earlier and working out, embracing some more productive habits. This will give you a boost to be more productive throughout the day. You tend to get distracted, so if you have a high energy morning, you’re more likely to follow this on and less likely to lose focus. 


ENTJ’s make great leaders. They are Extroverted, Intuitive, Thoughtful and Judgemental. These qualities make you great at leading others, you are charismatic and confident and own the projects you do. You push yourself and everyone around you to the next level, don’t accept anything less than perfection and often find it difficult to relate to other personality types. You are self-confident and efficient, and you don’t care if you are liked or not, as long as you achieve what you set out to.

Your perfect morning routine allows you to get back in touch with what matters (yourself and your family!). Because while you’re so extroverted and self-confident at work, you struggle to find a balance with your own life. You need to take a step back, treat yourself, spend time with your friends and family. In the morning this can be difficult, but it’s important to re-assess and decide what you really want. Make yourself some breakfast, make a list of personal things you need to take care of, make plans to call friends or family. It’s important that you give yourself time and space. Look after yourself, treat yourself to the things that you want and success will come.


Like ENTJ, you too make a great leader, but you thrive in situations where you can both challenge the way things are done and show your own knowledge. The problem you face is in getting to the leadership roles. You usually start off strong, but your opinionated ways can make climbing the ladder hard, that’s fine, instead, you need to choose your battles. You have a quick mind and you’re often more original and eccentric than those around you.

The best way to start off your day is with a plan. You suffer from an inability to focus on one thing, you start off with the best will in the world, but find yourself looking for something else to focus on. You need to start off with a strict plan for your day and actually follow it through. If you want to follow the path to your own personal success, you need to work on your time management, time theming might help you. Open up your Getting Stuff Done planner and make a plan for each hour of the day and the kind of tasks you need to work on. Start the day with your hardest task, and then, when you know your focus will dip, switch to something else. 


If you’re an INFJ, you are more likely to have a strong moral compass and strive to do what is right at all times. You will probably be pursuing ventures in helping others and try to do as much volunteering or charity work as you can. You are quiet in many situations but will fight for what you believe in passionately. You have a talent for empathizing with others and will always know the right things to say, which makes you a great friend and a great diffuser of conflicts.

Your morning routine connects you to the world around you. You should spend some time reading the news, finding local causes you’d like to invest in, and broadening your mind. Your success depends on your ability to challenge yourself and work on pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. You’re more sensitive than most people, but you need to work on going outside of your 9-5 and finding things that challenge and excite you. This will help you feel more comfortable and confident in your abilities. Use the Goals 2019 Diary to think in the future and decide on one big scary goal to tick off for yourself.


Being an INFP, you know you are always seeking to see the good in others. You are an optimistic ray of sunshine, unwilling to believe that the world is a bad place. You are guided by your principles and tend to be more creative, and poetic. You likely enjoy expressing yourself through art and language, which makes you open-minded and very creative. You love looking for hidden meaning in the world around you.

You need to stop with the lie-ins. Snooze should not exist in your world. You’re a creative person, you’re quite idealistic and you tend to have your head in the clouds. So the best thing to do is root yourself in something concrete, create routines and rituals that will help you get stuff done. Wake up early, have a hot drink, get organized, and get ahead of your day by planning and creating rituals that really work. For this, the Getting Stuff Done planner is the perfect addition to your daily plan.


If you’re this personality type, you are a natural born leader. You find it easy to step up and lead others in times of crisis, and probably excel at Escape Rooms. You’re a team player, reliable, and empathetic, which makes you a great and passionate leader. However, you need to watch out, you can be too selfless, push others too hard, and be overly idealistic if you’re not careful. Your main weakness is your self-esteem, which fluctuates. When you do something, you simply aren’t sure it’s good enough and you ask for criticism because of insecurity. When you fail to do something, your self-esteem plummets.

In the morning, you should focus on learning. You are caring and empathetic, and learning to use this empathy to build your skills and improve your learning will help you be more successful. Choose a skill you’ve always wanted to try and use a service like Skillshare to work on learning on your commute, for example. You’ll open yourself up to new opportunities with your new skillset. 


If you’re an ENFP, you do not kneel to society’s rules. You believe in enjoying life, enjoying yourself and you’re a true free spirit. You have plenty of friends, plenty of acquaintances and plenty of time for others. You’re more likely to be interested in spirituality and mysticism than others, but this also means that you are more likely to become frustrated following the rules of a 9-5. If you’ve found yourself quitting a lot, now you know why.

You are an energetic person, and you need to channel that energy in the morning. A plan will help you, but you’ll find your time and energy better suited to creative pursuits. Grabbing a notebook, and letting your creative juices flow is the best way to do this. Write a short story, practice poetry, make a list of things you enjoyed about the day before. Let your creativity flow to help you get more structure in your day.


If you have this personality type, you get joy from the work that you do and enjoy taking responsibility for your work, your actions, and the things that you do. You don’t make assumptions, preferring instead to observe what’s going on around you, which makes you a great strategist. You are honest, responsible, and direct, and this makes you great in positions of leadership. However, you can be stubborn and insensitive at times and prefer to do things ‘by the book’ than to try new and creative ways to do things.

Your productivity levels will already be through the roof, but you often take on too many responsibilities. You already know this about yourself, so use your morning to get some space and rest. Take half an hour to dedicate some time to yourself, do something you’ve always wanted to do, catch up on a TV show and really chill out. This is the best way to get yourself geared up for a perfect day, you can write down every stress or responsibility that’s hanging over your head first if that helps you relax.


As an ISFJ, you are very analytical and warm towards others. You are very eager to please, so when given a task you will go above and beyond to exceed it and make others around you happy. Your biggest challenge is in getting your talents and your work noticed. To be successful, you need to grow some confidence and learn how to stand up for yourself. You’ll know you are an ISFJ if you’re excellent at giving gifts and remembering facts about others. It’s important for you to be caring and considerate at all times. You are conscientious and you’ll protect others before yourself.

Use your morning wisely. You need a confidence and power boost, which you’ll get from working out. Grab the Fit Is The Sh*t planner and start writing out your daily exercise plan. Whether you love it or hate it, being active will help you feel strong, powerful, and confident. You 


Being an ESTJ means that you understand right and wrong. People often value you for your advice and guidance, and you get joy from organizing events and leading others. You are dedicated and strong-willed, an excellent organizer and like to create order. However, you can also be uncomfortable in unconventional situations, judgmental, and find it difficult to relax, because of your desire to perform and high-energy attitude to work.

Yes, we know you burn both ends of the candle. But your morning routine needs to support you. You already have strong organization skills, so you already know how to make a plan for yourself. But you need to make a plan that’s realistic, and stop expecting yourself to make miracles before you’ve even tackled your day. Even those successful women you look up to have breaks, you know. Don’t burn out, instead, just switch off and learn to be mindful. 


As an ESFJ, you’ve probably found yourself to be popular with others. You might not know why, but this is because you are social, able to judge the world around you well, and sensitive and empathetic. It’s a good combination of traits to have because it makes you a people person. You aren’t analytical, so you don’t enjoy discussions on theories, politics, or data. You are the life and soul of the party and enjoy enjoying your ‘best years’, no matter how old you are.

Ok, your morning routine needs some work. You need to get up earlier and spend some time on you. Have a longer shower, extend your skincare routine, really give back to yourself. Fill in the self-care section of your Getting Stuff Done planner and keep giving back to yourself. 


As an ISTP, you love to work with your hands. You tend to pick up lots of projects and enjoy getting your hands dirty, taking things apart and putting them back together just to see how they work. You explore ideas by learning how something works, nothing is too ‘hard’ for you to grasp and you get energy from challenging yourself. You are a creative and practical person, and great to have around in a crisis, but you can also be scared to commit to one thing and enjoy taking risks.

You’ll get the most out of your morning if you spend it doing something you love. If you try to solve some problems and train your brain in the morning, you’ll feel better. You thrive on problem-solving so anything you can do that makes you think is a good idea. Get a planner and try planning out your week ahead, use the Ultimate Week Plan to get ahead and make the most of your time.


ISFP personalities are drawn towards artistic pursuits. You have an eye for design and love to plan aesthetics. You are happy with who you are and explore new, creative things as often as you possibly can, which makes you a true rarity in the world. You are seriously imaginative and sensitive, and this will help you get ahead in the world. You just need to find the right place for someone like you, and a rigid, corporate office will not cut it unless they are looking for someone with the creative freedom to turn things around.

Creativity is your calling in the morning. A nice hot mug of tea will get you geared up, and an hour of time to really embrace your creative expression is the best thing to get you warmed up for the day. You might not be in a creative career, but as long as you give yourself the time and space to really embrace your creative expression and keep yourself happy. You might find it easier to work through the Artist’s Workbook with a notebook by your side.


ESTP’s are almost always suited for roles where they work for themselves. As an ESTP you are the perfect personality to become an entrepreneur, looking for ways to change and shape the world around you and being ballsy enough to go out there and get it. You are bold, rational and practical. What you lack, though, is structure, and sometimes your ideas and innovative nature can lead you into bad decisions because you haven’t thought them through properly.

Ok, because you beat to your own drum, no one size fits all morning routine is going to suit you. Instead, what you should do, is decide what you’re going to do each month. Design your mornings as a reflection of what you want most in your life at that time. For example, you might know you want to work out as a form of stress release, so you can put that in your morning routine one month and see how it goes. Then change that up as necessary, it’s your morning and there are no rules. The more rules you put on yourself, the less likely you’ll be to stick to the regiment. 


This personality type is more likely to be an actor, singer, or dancer. You love to be on a stage, with people watching you, and get energy from showing your talents to a crowd. You love the spotlight, which is not at all a negative thing because you love to entertain others. You are bold and original and daring, but you often fail to make long-term plans and can find yourself easily bored and unfocused.

Your mornings could be so much more productive, you know. You love to have a lot of space to get stuff done, so a combination of a planner and a week pad will give you the best morning you can possibly ask for. You love to surround yourself with people during the day, so in your morning, try to spend some time alone and reflect on what you really want from life. 


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