5 Places in Phoenix, AZ that Have the Best Food and Drinks

Phoenix is one of the most beautiful cities in the state of Arizona. It’s also a very popular tourist destination. There’s a good reason for that — it’s filled with many different monuments that everyone has to see at least once in their lifetime. Moreover, the number of activities that you can do in Phoenix is astonishing. There’s just no way that you will ever be bored!

As a newcomer in this city, you will need a good place to eat something, and preferably, to drink some nice beverages as well. Luckily, Phoenix is full of pubs and restaurants. However, not all of them are of the same quality.

In the lines below, we will describe five places in Phoenix that have the best food and drinks. Regardless of which of these you end up visiting, one thing is certain — eating and drinking will be more enjoyable than ever before!

Let’s take a closer look at five best places where you can eat and drink in Phoenix.

●     Matt’s Big Breakfast

Matt’s Big Breakfast

The first entry on our list is Matt’s Big Breakfast. While the name may be misleading, this is, undoubtedly,  one of the best restaurants in Phoenix. Not only can you have an outstanding breakfast here, but you can have an equally amazing lunch and even dinner as well. Furthermore, the quality of their beverages is top-notch. Matt’s Big Breakfast is a great place to make your stomach full before you head over to resume your outdoor adventures.

Some of the most delicious foods that you can find on their menu include classic Reuben, griddlecakes, and some tasty homefries! You also have to try their waffles and their chicken sandwich — they’re beyond amazing!

As for the drinks, you can try freshly squeezed honey lemonade, organic chocolate milk, and RC Cola. They have more amazing beverages, but these are our favorites!

If you’re interested in their offers, head over to their restaurant and experience these amazing tastes as quickly as possible.

●     Phoenix Public Market Cafe

Sometimes, you don’t need to visit exclusive pubs and restaurants — you can stick to the casual ones as well. Phoenix Public Market Cafe is a place where you can get some of the finest foods and beverages in the city. And the location is just perfect — you can find this restaurant at the very center of the Public Market!

Their menu is beyond outstanding. You can choose many different foods, and they range from fresh eggs all the way to ice creams. Some of our favorites include house pretzels, Tito’s Cubano, and blue corn pancake. As for beverages, a good Dos Cabezas Red Blend is enough to refresh your journey!

One particular addition that we really liked here is the introduction of gift cards. So while you’re residing in Phoenix, you can get a special gift for your family members or your significant other. They will surely know how to appreciate it!

No matter what foods and beverages are your favorite ones, Phoenix Public Market Cafe is a restaurant that deserves your attention.

●     Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour

“Bitter,” “twisted”…these two words may sound scary at first, but in this context, they have a completely different meaning. Not only does this bar have some of the best drinks in Phoenix, but it has some of the best food as well.

The place itself is not too big, but you will actually be surprised when you realize how much space there actually is when you get inside. The quality of their beverages is one of the best in the city. From cocktails and rums all the way to some pure exotic drinks, this place has it all! And not only do these beverages come with amazing taste, but they also come with an outstanding price.

Other than drinks, Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour provides some great food as well. Chicken wings, fish & chips, popcorn…you can find all of this on their menu. They’ve stated on their website that they are “reinventing the perception of how bar food should taste like,” and we can fully agree with that! We’ve never had such tasty meals before, and we can guarantee that you will have the same impression if you decide to give them a try.

If the above lines are not enough, know that you can also book an event directly from their website. Isn’t that awesome?

●     Blue Hound & Cocktails

Blue Hound & Cocktails is one of the most reliable destinations if you truly want to taste high-quality food and beverages. They have a very long tradition, and the number of customers just keeps growing.

Amazing menus, private dining, various events, reservations — all of that is possible in Blue Hound & Cocktails. As they are located at the very heart of Cityscape, you can’t miss them even if you want to!

Recently, they received a “best bartender in 2018” title from Phoenix New Times. At the same time, Tales of the Cocktail placed them on the list of the 10 best hotel bars in the West overall. By looking at these two awards, you can see how amazing they really are.

If you’re hanging around in the area, try out their food and beverages. You will surely not regret it!

●     El Hefe

El Hefe

The last entry on our list is El Hefe. This taco joint is unlike any other that you’ve seen so far. Not only can you find the best tortillas in Phoenix there, but you can also get the best Beer-Garitas, Tortas, and Happy Hour. If you’ve never tried anything similar before, you will instantly fall in love with this Latin-inspired restaurant.

Do you like tacos? You can find plenty of them at El Hefe! Carne Asada, Braised Beef, Pork al Pastor — these are just some of the trademarks that you need to try. And beverages? Well, once you taste their margaritas for the first time, you will want to stop by and get more every day!

El Hefe is present at three different locations — Chicago (Illinois), Tempe (Arizona), and Scottsdale (Arizona). In this case, we certainly recommend Scottsdale Happy Hour! Come and join the party!

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