A Simple Way to Become a Successful Businesswoman

How do you become a successful businesswoman? One simple way is to choose a proven business model. While experimenting with a novel idea is exciting, it’s better to first build your base with an established idea that will help you fine-tune your business skills. Once you have enough capital and experience, you can experiment with novel solutions to meet unmet marketing needs.

A proven business model will help you succeed quickly for three reasons. First, you’ll be able to learn from plenty of free and paid information available on how to build up the business. Second, you’ll be able to use many online tools and resources to optimize your profit potential. Third, you’ll be able to market to a product-educated population of buyers.

With that in mind, let’s look at some examples, like becoming a mobile notary, a blogger, an affiliate marketer, or a life coach.

Mobile Notary

As a mobile notary, you will travel to your client’s office rather than set up an office and wait for them to come to you. You could visit six places a day or more if you work in a town or a small city.

Pay can range from $13 to $22 an hour, depending on factors such as location, documents notarized, etc.

Qualifying as a notary depends on your state’s requirements, and this can include a background check, getting a surety bond, and officially filing notary paperwork.

Once you’re qualified, you can get your business off to a fast start by signing up as an agent at a directory-type website. Some, like Superior Notary Service, will not charge you a fee for setting up an account. In fact, all you have to do to start is upload your credentials.


If you love to write, then think of blogging as a vehicle to express your ideas. It’s rather like having your own magazine.

Start by choosing your niche, picking a blog name, registering it, and getting hosted. Next, choose a free template and customize your blog.

Besides writing regular blog posts about your favorite topic, you’ll spend most of your time promoting your blog using free or paid traffic sources.

Once you have enough people reading your blog, then you can make money through affiliate marketing and advertising.

Affiliate Marketing

You can recommend products and services through your blog posts to earn affiliate commissions or focus on affiliate marketing as a business model.

If you’d rather not blog, then set up a niche website and write product reviews.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is perfect for you if you are passionate about personal growth.

It is important to understand that life coaching isn’t therapy. For one thing, you’ll be spending months instead of years learning how to help people become more successful. For another, instead of helping people with mental disorders, you’ll be working with normal people who just want to achieve greater success in life. Holistic life coaching uses an integrative approach to help clients become the person they want to be through diet and lifestyle changes.

So, unlike becoming a psychologist, you won’t need to get a degree or a state license to practice. However, earning a life-coaching certificate from a reputable life-coaching school will probably boost your credibility. Formal training will also give you some clues on how to manage clients and guide them to meet their personal goals.

As a life coach, it’s best to specialize in a niche. You could focus on helping people improve their relationships, become more successful in their businesses or careers, or get fitter and healthier.

Once you set up your business, whether it’s opening an office or doing it entirely online, it’s advisable to get business insurance.

While you could become successful working for an established business or in a career, your chances of doing things your way via a proven business model will be far more emotionally and financially rewarding when you take the entrepreneurial route.