Crypto Companies to Watch in 2024

As 2023 winds down and 2024 gets ready to make its appearance, many people start looking out for what’s trending in the digital assets industry, particularly cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency investment and trading are growing in exponential bounds by the day. For an industry that evolves so quickly, things can be extremely volatile, unpredictable, and highly rewarding when an investor has good intel on what’s going on. These days, information is everything. So, here are some of the crypto companies to watch in 2024.


LayerZero is one of the trending companies for 2024 and is known for potentially having one of the best upcoming retrodrops in the industry. For the people who got an early jump on a pre-token blockchain, this could prove to be a lucrative return on their investment. 

Crypto drops (including retrodrops and various types of airdrops) are powerful marketing tools that both rev up user interest in Bitcoin companies while sowing fertile ground to reward the faithful. Of course, different companies will provide different values and tokens. There are various tools a person could use to discern which one will be the most profitable (i.e. Crypto Twitter). However, this is a crib sheet about what to look out for next year. LayerZero is worth keeping an eye on.

New Bitcoin City

When blockchain meets gaming, things are bound to get interesting. Since 2022, the intersectional crossroads of these two fields have been quickly gaining steam. New Bitcoin City is one of the promising contenders in the fray. 

With one main platform providing users with various game options, New Bitcoin City is actively dedicated to increasing blockchain gaming options while trying to appeal to as many people as possible. One of the ultimate goals is to have optimal transparency, fairness, and profits during gameplay. The gaming industry is full of companies that embed games with tricks, rendering play to be frustrating and unfair. New Bitcoin City is on a mission to eliminate that.


Another trending part of blockchain development is completely decentralizing social media networks and Farcaster looks like it’s going to have a strong stance in the field. Various Web3 developers and Dapp tools are at the user’s disposal, as are some nifty social tokens. Whether a person wants to create or communicate (or both), Farcaster is making it happen.

In fact, if a person considers the current landscape of non-blockchain social media companies, the rules and structures aren’t exactly trustworthy. Internal policies are subject to constant change without user consideration or input. It’s difficult to communicate freely when no one knows when that process will change or who permits the changes in the first place.

Enter Farcaster and other blockchain social media protocols like it. User transparency, participation, and improvement is all there. Current news and commentary suggest that people are wary of social media with hidden policies and practices. Farcaster is a refreshing and increasingly welcome change that continues to gain ground in 2024. 

These three companies stand to reward interest and loyalty, extend gaming and crypto options to the masses, and increase transparent communication and networking. As 2024 gets closer, it promises to be an interesting and innovative year for all things crypto.

Featured Image by Miloslav Hamřík from Pixabay