Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything

It used to be the case that the difficult ones to buy for were grandparents. Having spent many a decade on this earth, selfishly accumulating trinkets and gizmos and tie clips and socks and handkerchiefs, such that there’s nothing left to buy for them but one of those miniature herb gardens that come in three small pots for the kitchen, they have held the title of perennial gift buying nuisances for as long as anyone can remember. But recently, somehow, there has been a shift towards the younger generation; so we have tips on gifts for kids.

Maybe it’s because things used to cost more when we were kids, or perhaps people earned less money back then, or perhaps both, but the fact is, that by age ten these days, most kids have a grander TV set up in their bedroom than the average 90s family had in their living rooms. All of this leaves us a bit lost when it comes to gift buying time, and that means an unfeasible amount of shop to shop leg work (or you may wish to browse online for inspiration, see Wicked Uncle, for example).

Today, we’re going to give in—no more microscope sets and puzzling arts and crafts kits that never get used. No more books that never get read and misjudged hoodies that end up at the back of the wardrobe. Today, we’re going all-out technology…

Wireless noise-canceling earphones 

If you’ve never experienced noise-canceling earphones, you’ll perhaps find it hard to believe that such things function as described and are worth the money. The noise-canceling part is a switch on the earphones (noise cancellation requires more battery power, so you can switch the function off if there’s no bothersome background noise worth canceling). When you flick it on, and as if by magic, the lawnmower’s noise cutting the grass next door vanishes. The sound of people talking in the same room gets reduced to squashed syllabic hints of mostly unnoticeable speech. It’s all very clever. Perfect for a ten-year-old who loves playing video games. And as for music fans…

Bluetooth speaker 

Many ten-year-olds have phones. They have a social life that revolves around whatever their parents organize for them, but still, for good measure, and perhaps in case of emergencies, they have phones. As mostly redundant as these phones indeed are (you can’t be on social media until you’re 13, don’t forget, so it’s not like ten-year-olds are updating their status and liking posts!), you may as well succumb to the fact that ten-year-olds have them. A Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gifts for kids it allows them to play any song they like through their phone at volume. Ideal for encouraging youngsters to develop their taste in music. 

These gifts are not only perfect for kids but also make gifts for adults as well.  With technology today you can’t go wrong with a technology for a child if you will enjoy it as well.  These gifts are truly universal and are the perfect gift.