The Best 5 Dentists in Istanbul

Istanbul is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world. People not just from around Europe, but from across the world, travel to Turkey to explore the gorgeous Eurasian city offering a perfect blend of modern urban life and cultural heritage. Many people are also discovering that in Istanbul, dentists are among the top in the region. Offering first-world care at third-world prices, the dentists manage to attract patients locally as well as from abroad. However, you might wonder if travelling to Istanbul for dental work is viable.

The fact remains that in the UK, affordable dentistry remains a distant dream for many residents. Shortage of dental professionals coupled with high prices make quality dental treatments inaccessible for a lot of Brits. As a result, many abstain from heading to a dentist, even for basic treatments. Thankfully, Istanbul offers a way out for them. Did you know that in Istanbul, dental implants cost over 75% less than in the UK and Ireland? And that is just the starting point.

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Before exploring the treatments on offer, let us take a quick peek at the top 5 Istanbul dentists:

1.    DentGroup International – Istanbul

DentGroup operates a group of clinics across the continent, enabling patients to seek their high-quality care locally as well as in Istanbul.

2.    Istanbul Dental Clinic

Operating seven days a week, the clinic offers a wide range of affordable dental treatments with excellent customer service.

3.    Dentakademi Dental Healthcare Center

With over half a decade’s worth of experience, the clinic caters primarily to patients from abroad.

4.    Istanbul Aesthetic Center (Dental)

Focused on restoring smiles and improving dental health, the clinic uses cutting-edge technology to offer a variety of treatments.

5.    Medicadent Dental Clinic

This tourist-friendly clinic, located in the financial hub of Istanbul, offers personalized care to patients with a view to improving their overall health.

Now that you have an idea of the best dentists Istanbul is home to, you can find a clinic that offers the treatment you are seeking. Yet, you might still have second thoughts about travelling to Turkey for dental work. Here are a few reasons why this is a great option for you:

  • Save Money: The average cost savings you enjoy on dental treatments in Istanbul is over 60%. The savings are greater for the more expensive procedures. In fact, the savings easily offset the cost of travelling to and staying in Istanbul. For example, the average price of implants in the UK and Ireland is £3,045 and €3,600 respectively. In comparison, dental implants in Turkey cost just £700 / €800, which means savings of more than 75%.
  • Quality Dentistry: Istanbul dentists are among the best in Europe, with many of them receiving their education and training abroad. They have the experience and expertise to perform complex treatments with dexterity and precision. Moreover, their insight enables them to provide you a customized treatment plan that results in improved oral health.
  • Great Destination: Istanbul is one of the best destinations in the world for tourists. You can explore the city in all its glory and splendour, and with the cost savings you enjoy, you can easily afford a short vacation. Why not convert your dental trip into a holiday you will remember for years to come?!

So there you have it, the lowdown on why Istanbul dentists are a great choice for Brits. Learn more about the clinics mentioned above and plan your dental vacation. You will get the treatment you need to improve your overall dental health while saving a ton of money.

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