What are the side effects of wearing the wrong bra size?

Women and their attempt to find the correct bra is a never-ending struggle! Not every woman will get it right at one go. Also, the realization that someone is wearing the wrong bra size often comes late. Women must look into the matter with urgency as the side effects of wearing the wrong bra size for a long time will always yield trouble.

A woman’s breast size is bound to change throughout her life! The reasons could be puberty, changes in weight as well as hormonal imbalances. All these have an impact on the cup size. It is essential to measure yourself correctly and get the bra size correct. To know more about this, you can get in touch with bra size

But there are times when breasts get the wrong shape and size because of wearing the wrong bra. The side effects include other discomforts and issues, as well. The crucial ones include the following:

Sudden breast pain 

It is common to face tender breasts and mild breast pain before and after menstruation. But if it’s an ongoing issue, it is essential to check your bra size. Most often than not, if your bra size is smaller than your ideal size, you will get pain. An extremely tight bra results in pain, breathing issues, and discomfort.

Prolonged back pain

Several things result in back pain! However, when you wear a bra that is too small, it applies excess pressure on the shoulders and the rib cage. The pain will not reduce until such time you fix the issue. And this is usually the case with women who have a bigger breast size. It makes it difficult for you to go about your day comfortably. 

Excess breast sagging 

It is essential to wear bras that provide ample support to your breasts. For instance, when you wear sports during a fitness training session, you need to get the correct fit, comfort, and ease. When you wear a bra that’s bigger than your size, it can make delicate breast tissue get stretched prematurely rather than lifting it up. And this movement can lead your breasts to sag and be heavy. If you don’t address this issue with the correct bra size, it might lead to further sagging, and you might not be able to sport a few dresses the way you always wanted to.

Neck and shoulder pain

Women often attribute their neck and shoulder pain to the stress of poor sitting postures. If you wear an extremely tight bra, it might result in shoulder chafing. Bras that come with a bigger cup size have thick straps for distributing weight all through the shoulder and avert indentation. When you don’t address and correct this issue, the shoulder strain moves up to the neck. And this can result in excess shoulder pain. It is one of the severe impacts of wearing an incorrect bra size. 

Results in blocked lymph nodes

The lymphatic vessels in the body are thin. It gets easily affected by compression and pressure. Excess pressure on these nodes can cause blood vessels and lymph valves to close. Hence, when you have a small size bra than your ideal size, it impacts the lymph nodes in the wrong way. 

It affects your body posture 

Not many women know this, but when you wear a wrong bra size, your posture is also affected. You feel pain on your back, shoulder, and neck from time to time. The result will be haunched shoulders. If this continues, your posture will be affected.

It might lead to breast cancer

One of the adverse side effects of continuously wearing an incorrect bra size is increasing the risks of breast cancer. A tight bra can block the flow of blood to the breasts and might lead to cancer. 

Skin abrasions

When you wear a bra that is either too tight or too small for you, the results might be blisters and callouses on the breasts. It can result in continuous rubbing against your skin, and that leads to skin abrasions.

How to go about resolving this? 

Get the correct fit 

One way to resolve all breast problems resulting from your lingerie is to get the right fit. That doesn’t mean you will have to allow another person to become excessively personal with you. Today, some assistants will ask you to try out lingerie in your present size and will assess the correct fit once you wear it.

You can opt-in for this when you are unsure about your size! However, if you are slightly more confident than this, you can measure yourself correctly to find the correct size. You refer to useful internet articles on measuring the right bra size.

Check yourself 

So you’ve picked up a bra that appealed to you! Now it’s essential to have a look at the main indicators to decide if it’s the correct fit. You can stand with hands on the hips and turn sideways. The right bra size should allow you to place two fingers in between the rib cage as well as the brand. The same applies to the shoulder straps that shouldn’t dig into the skin.

Make sure that you don’t experience any cup spillage! The cup top and your boobs should stay well-aligned. There shouldn’t be any breast tissue spilling over from the top. Alternatively, there shouldn’t be any cup gaping as well. Also, the cup wires must fit firmly against the sternum and not go away from it. There shouldn’t be any baggy cups. Also, the underwire needs to have a snugly fit on the ribcage beneath the breasts.

Women need to stay away from the negative impacts of wrong bra sizes. When you know what you can witness with incorrect bra size, you will work your way to choose the correct size. You can ask a woman shop assistant or measure yourself beforehand. Keep in mind the guidelines when you are checking out how a bra fits you. That way, you can get the best bra size.