10 Accessories to Boost Your Wedding Guest Looks This Spring

Spring is the busiest time of year for weddings. You might have a handful of ceremonies to attend between March and June. Bring new life to your wedding guest outfit by checking out the top 10 accessories this spring. Each event can reveal a different accessory that accentuates your beauty and confidence.

Accessory 1. Standout Handbags

An accessory that can gain a lot of attention is your handbag. Cute purses brought to a wedding should be small, such as clutches and small bags. By only carrying a small bag, you keep the seating area open for guests. Large bags are simply obstacles when it comes to seating arrangements. There’s no need to bring a hobo bag to any wedding ceremony.

Look for small handbags with a bold color or pattern matching your outfit. Although the attention should always be on the bride, there’s no reason why some conversation can’t extend to your cute handbag.

Accessory 2. Retro Headbands

You may recall headbands being popular in the 1980s, but they’re making a modern comeback. Try a fabric headband that just lightly holds your hair back. An attractive look comes about when the headband accents your face by keeping those flyaway locks in place. They’re also functional accessories because outdoor weddings always have those unexpected breezes during the ceremony.

Choose from either chunky or thin headbands. They all offer their own personality based on your outfit type. Try on a few before settling on a style.

Accessory 3. Dangling Earrings

A wedding is a great occasion to wear boutique earrings. Look for striking earrings, such as dangling types. Most women won’t wear dangling earrings regularly because they’re designed more for formal events.

Dangling earrings
Photo by 거열 박: https://www.pexels.com/

Use the wedding as an excuse to try those large and expressive earrings. You’ll only wear them for a few hours, so their weight and movement shouldn’t be an issue. You might even start conversations with boutique earrings that really have character.

Accessory 4. Stylish Hats

Spring weddings will often be held outdoors. Natural light at a park, beach or other location is perfect for blossoming romance. Consider a hat to top off your wedding outfit. It shouldn’t be too large, which blocks people’s views of the ceremony. However, it should have a brim that protects you from the sun.

Appropriate hats are usually beige or straw-colored with a subtle ribbon or other fabric decorating the brim. You should ask about a dress code if you’re unsure about wearing a hat to the ceremony. The bride and groom can tell you if they approve or not.

Accessory 5. Modern Brooches

Brooches are traditionally elegant pins that decorate a lapel or dress collar. These accessories can have a modern twist, making them a perfect choice for that next event.

For a spring wedding, look for brooches with floral shapes. Most brooches have diamonds or pearls embedded into a unique shape. In fact, you might find a brooch with a shape much like a pattern on your outfit. Some brooches are even passed down through families, so consider any collectibles you might find among relatives.

Accessory 6. Colorful Scarves and Shawls

Although scarves are often associated with winter attire, there are attractive styles designed just for warm days. Lightweight silk scarves work with your outfit as a focal point. The patterns are normally bold, which can accent a neutral-colored outfit.

A scarf or a shawl can also act as insulators from cool breezes as the sun sets in the spring. There’s no need to wear a bulky jacket when a shawl might help with any chills at the neck and shoulders.

Accessory 7. Stunning Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t a typical accessory at a wedding, but springtime offers some exceptions. With outdoor ceremonies as a general rule, the sun might be so bright that it’s bothersome to certain guests. Add sunglasses to your purse in case the brightness is overwhelming.

Try sunglasses with wide-eyed frames, which give you a distinct look as you enjoy the ceremony. Consider lenses with a light-colored tint so that your eyes can be seen. You’ll be able to see the ceremony without squinting and protect your eyes from ultraviolet damage.

Accessory 8. Hair Bows

Hair bows aren’t just for little girls anymore. A spring wedding brings out the softer side of the fashion world, including pastel colors, flowery patterns, and even hair bows.

Look for large bows that can hold either a half or a whole ponytail. Smaller hair bows work well as clips holding back one side of the hair. You might also opt for a ribbon tied into a bow. This style is reminiscent of casual weddings, so it fits right in with spring nuptials.

Accessory 9. Layered Necklaces

A pendant on a necklace doesn’t have to be your only choice when selecting your perfect jewelry as a wedding guest. Look for layered necklaces that really make a statement.

Layered necklaces
Photo by Leeloo Thefirst: https://www.pexels.com/

Layered necklaces complement your neckline, especially if you wear a strappy dress or a similar style. These necklaces might be made from beads, gold, or a mixture of materials. Simply match the necklace to your outfit as you enhance the entire look.

Accessory 10. Figure-flattering Belts

You may have bought or even rented an outfit for those spring wedding ceremonies. Even if you’re wearing the latest designer clothes, adding a bit of flair makes the outfit your own.

Try a belt that has a thick and bold appearance, such as an oversized buckle and defining color. Make sure the belt color matches your outfit. The belt defines your waistline, which creates an hourglass figure everyone covets.

Putting a Stylish Foot Forward

Ideally, your outfit and accessories should never outshine the bride. Add just the right accessories to your look to shine at your table as you congratulate the happy couple on their future life together.

Featured Photo by Kitera Dent on Unsplash