10 Items You Must Own If You Are an Outdoor Enthusiast

Many of us, who are outdoor enthusiasts, know the high adrenaline rush one gets from outdoor activities. Be it biking, camping, hiking, or running, these activities are bound to make you feel happy and relaxed. It’s a refuge for many who are bored from their sedentary lifestyles and monotonous routines.

When I started out, I used to get outdoors without much preparation. It was only after the need struck that I realized the importance of a particular item. So, with time and experience, I kept adding to my collection of outdoor essentials. I am sharing items from my collection with you, and I am sure it will be of tremendous use. Here we go!

Water-resistant Backpack

You can’t get out for an outdoor activity without a backpack, as you need to pack all the essentials in it. For this, you should buy a water-resistant backpack, which protects your stuff from rain and extreme weather conditions. Plus, there is no need to carry a cover separately on rainy days.

Having a mylar blanket in your backpack is a must. Even if you are just going on a hike, you never know when the weather might turn bad, and you need warm protection. What if you get lost and have to spend the night in the woods? You definitely want to have an emergency blanket with you. They don’t take up much space and weigh hardly anything. You may even want to keep one or two in your car glove box.

Hiking Boots

Hiking Boots
Image by LUM3N from Pixabay

Don’t go by the name, as hiking boots are not suited only for hiking but many outdoor activities. You can wear them on a hike, on the camp trip, for hunting, cycling, and many more. Hiking boots are very reliable and provide a cushion against foot injuries.

Sleeping Bag

People who backpack quite often like wandering into the wild, carrying a sleeping bag with them. This helps them to spend the night anywhere, even with minimal amenities. They not only save on accommodation but find it more thrilling.


You never know when you may have to cut things, tighten nuts & bolts or open bottles & cans, so if you are carrying a multi-tool with you, your life becomes very easy. All tools at one place.


Image by dima_goroziya from Pixabay

If you plan to go cycling into the wilderness or go hiking or camping, it’s good to always carry a compass with you for navigation. Don’t always rely on your phones or on yourself for directions. You don’t want to get lost in the woods and spend the night there.


Though you may have all the plans to return before sunset from your outdoor activity, it’s always safe to carry a flashlight with you. Just in case you are behind schedule and don’t make it back on time. Fenix flashlights are a good option to consider as they are robust and durable.

Insulated Water Bottle

An insulated water bottle is one that maintains the temperature of the liquid inside it. If you carry water on a hot sunny day, would you not want the water to stay cold? And, if you have packed coffee on a cool evening, I am sure you would like to sip it hot. An insulated water bottle would do just the same and save you some trouble.

Water Filter

If you are fond of going on long-duration outdoor activities and too far off places, you may want to carry a water filter with you. It’s true that water from mountain streams is often safe for drinking, but why risk your health? Safe drinking water is not always available, and a water filter is good for occasions where you have to drink water from natural sources.

First-aid kit

First-aid Kit
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

There is always some risk of injuries involved in outdoor activities, and, in not all situations, can you expect help immediately? This is where a first-aid kit comes in handy. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, make sure you own a first-aid kit and always carry it with you. Some knowledge and training in first aid are also helpful.

Portable Charger

We, millennials, are so busy on our phones that we end up draining our phone batteries. We are either too busy clicking pictures, active on social media, or navigating on our phones. So, it’s always good to own a portable charger, which you can take with you on outdoor activities, especially for long-duration activities like hiking or camping.

So, this is a checklist of items to own if you consider yourself to be an outdoor enthusiast. In case you couldn’t tick many items in this checklist, what are you waiting for? Get going and buy yourself these cool items for the outdoors. After all, why should one compromise on the fun while being outdoors?