10 Ways to Have a Ball at Your Wedding Day

A wedding is all about committing to the love of your life and sharing this massive occasion with your loved ones. Most brides and grooms stress themselves out on their big day because of the enormity of the occasion. They want the event to be perfect and everything to go off without a hitch. Because of this, most couples look back and realize that they didn’t even fully enjoy their big day.

You should have fun at your wedding because you spend so much time and money planning the event. After all, this day belongs to the most important juncture of your life and you deserve to enjoy every single moment. Some couples are at a loss when it comes to enjoying their own wedding. This article brings you 10 tips that will help you make the most of your wedding day.

Pick a Good Venue

It is important to pick a venue for your wedding that is spacious enough to accommodate all your guests. It should also have space for dancing and other activities you plan to do with your friends and family members. Your decision to opt for an indoor or outdoor venue may depend heavily on the climate condition of your town.  If you are selecting an outdoor venue, make sure you contact a tent rental company for the different options you have available to keep you and your guests dry and comfortable.

Remember to keep a venue which is easily accessible for you, your partner and your guests. It is a big hassle for the bride, groom or any of their loved ones to get stuck in traffic. It delays the ceremony and makes everyone wait. So opt for a wedding venue which is not too far or out of the city.

Play Great Music

Music is one of the most important elements of your wedding ceremony. Some couples, however, don’t give much importance to this task and delegate it to a DJ. This is not a good idea as all the elements of your wedding should have your personal touch.

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Picking a great music for your wedding is certainly going to add more value to the fun quotient on the big day. You should not limit your music to an age group, rather you should select the numbers which are not offensive and don’t make anyone uncomfortable. Even if you hire a DJ or a music band, clearly explain your music preferences first. This would help you to delve into your favorite numbers in the arms of your beloved spouse.

Select Great Food

Another vital part of the wedding is the food items, especially the wedding cake. Make sure that you select the food wisely and don’t forget to enjoy the feast. Sometimes, in the frenzy of the day, couples skip eating any of the food or dessert and feel starved later.

It is impossible to enjoy a long meal quietly on your wedding, with so many guests around. But try to have a short dinner date with your spouse. Alternatively, ask the caterer to pack some food for you and your spouse to eat after the ceremony ends.

Pick a Wedding Theme

It is best to pick a wedding theme to enhance the overall look of the ceremony. Having a theme also helps to avoid any color clashes in the photographs. You can select a wedding theme based on many factors such as the season, location, or your favorite color. You can even go for a theme based on the personalities of you and your partner or the color of your wedding dress.

So, select a lovely theme for your big day and revel in the beauty of the occasion.

Keep the Speeches Short

Couples often feel emotional on their wedding day and make long speeches and toasts. In order to keep the event fun for everyone, keep your toasts short. Also, ask your family and friends to make short speeches. This way you can give more time to dancing and other fun activities.

One good idea to keep speeches brief is to communicate beforehand with the people who are about to speak in the event. This way they come to the event informed and don’t consume too much time giving long toasts.

Skip Meaningless Rituals

You don’t have to follow all the rituals of traditional weddings, especially if they don’t appeal to you. You can totally ditch any outdated wedding rituals and only include what is meaningful to you and your partner. It is your wedding after all and you have every right to include or exclude what you want.

So, don’t toss the bouquet if you don’t feel like doing it or you know there are no takers. You will be happy to find more time for fun stuff like dancing or games.

Have a Photo Booth

One way to add more fun at your wedding is to have a photo booth. An official photographer is good to take all the formal pictures. But you can enjoy yourself a lot by taking candid pictures with your buddies and spouse in the photo booth. Remember you are creating many memories on your wedding day that will last a lifetime.

Thus, strike a pose or two with your best buddies from college or with your group of favorite cousins. You can also take some fun photos of yourself with your parents on your wedding day. It will help lift up the sentimental vibe of the event and bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Play Wedding Games

An awesome way to enjoy your wedding day is to arrange some games for the day. You can choose from a large variety of wedding games depending on your preference and your guests. Games are great to induce more enjoyment to the occasion. They also ensure that you get to interact with everyone on your big day. Kids will surely be present on your wedding day and they will totally love such games.

So lighten up a bit and play a few games on your wedding. Loosen up and laugh a lot. You will look back fondly on these memories a few years down the road.

Use an App or Hashtag

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We exist in the age of smartphones and social media. You now have the option to spread the word about your big day on different social media platforms. One way of informing your group of friends and cousins about your wedding is by using a wedding hashtag generator.

You may ask your guests to use the hashtag you have created when they upload your wedding pictures on the social media platforms. This way you can create a buzz in your local community about your wedding and get more wishes. So make a trendy hashtag and revel in the spotlight for a bit longer.

Delegate a Few Arrangements

Some brides and grooms make the mistake of planning and making all the arrangements of their wedding themselves. However, getting stuck with all the pending stuff on your wedding day will keep you from becoming part of the festivities and making those precious memories with your spouse. You don’t have to call the caterer or the DJ yourself to confirm their arrival timings.

Even if you can’t hire a wedding coordinator, at least delegate some of the tasks to a trusted friend or a relative. This can take off some of the stress from yourself and let you enjoy the occasion more. Remember you are not alone and a good friend or a relative will be happy to help you out.


After reading this article, you know a lot more about how to enjoy your wedding day. Make great memories with your loved ones on one of the biggest occasions of your life by following these tips. Have a fabulous time at your wedding and a blessed life ahead!

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