3 Ways Quarantining Has Been Good for Our Beauty Routines

Our beauty routines and personal care routines are important to most women. Let’s be real. From getting our eyebrows done to our nails, and our hair colored to being cut, there are a lot of different things women have missed while we’ve been at home, quarantining or sheltering in place to quell the spread of COVID-19. 

An impressive number of influencers have taken to youtube and Instagram, showcasing their “at-home self-care routines,” including a wide variety of face masks and extensive skincare steps. It’s almost as if the beauty industry is undergoing a revamp because people who are stuck at home can’t see their regular stylists, cosmetologists, and other professionals who provide beauty services or personal care services. 

For instance, the beauty editors of popular publication Popsugar released a list of how their skincare routines and personal care routines have changed since sheltering in place. One editor admits to doing her waxing at home, even bold enough to try an at-home Brazilian wax. Another editor admits to washing her hair far less, but honestly, we know this is very beneficial for your hair’s health. Finally, another editor admits to shaving far less than she once thought was acceptable. 

Here are three other ways sheltering-in-place has benefited our beauty routines.

We’re spending less money. 

Okay, realistically, maybe we’re not. But by performing the services, we typically go to a professional for, we’re saving money. And sure, the results of our efforts might not mirror salon-quality.  ut doing these things ourselves as a way of proving we’re capable. Not to mention, our wallets don’t mind. 

We’re not coloring our hair so often, so it has time to get healthier. 

Beauty Salon
Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

If you’re used to coloring your hair every six weeks, likely, you’re also used to working with damaged hair. When you aren’t leaving the house for work or other activities and obligations daily, it becomes far easier to let your hair grow out some between coloring. Though your stylist would agree, almost half of the women in this survey said they missed getting their hair done more than any other service, such as getting a wax or getting their nails done. Don’t me started on nail care

If you are like me, you have created many new routines during COVID where you may neglect your hair and nails. But you don’t have to neglect your hygiene while at home. Remember, your mental health will be in a more stable state if you continue your routines. Paying attention to your appearance has a significant impact on your mood. Take the time to review Nail removal kits as they are now more popular than ever and are an easy way to keep your nails looking great. 

That being said, it’s safe to say most of us have been working on getting more days between our hair washes and nail care. Before sheltering in place, most of us washed our hair daily or every other day. 

We’re redefining what we are comfortable with. 

For some, a new nail color gives them a fresh feel. For others, having a weekly or monthly massage makes them feel rejuvenated. Yet, still, for others, beauty standards feel unattainable – regardless of how many different services we might sign ourselves up for. By having less time with our friends, coworkers, and others, we’re doing things in ways that make us more comfortable, versus what we feel like we should be doing. 

What have you changed about your routines during quarantine? 

Featured Image by free stock photos from www.picjumbo.com from Pixabay