4 Go-to Outfits to Pack for Women — When You Travel a Lot

Whether it is for work or for leisure, traveling draws up a whole new picture of the world! Where previously, travel was synonymous with trading, the current era has seen a great shift in the travel industry.

A part of that great shift is a travel woe that is common throughout the world and that is — “What to pack for a trip.” No matter how long or short a trip is it is always a momentous task to decide what to pack and what can be done without.

A frequent traveler knows the bare essentials to take on a trip, but what anyone can get stuck on every time is what outfits must be taken along each time.

Don’t worry ladies, here’s our take on 4 outfits you should pack each time:

Why Neglect Style During Travel

Men and women travel in great numbers for work or just to explore the world. Inclusion of women in the workforce has given them great means and opportunities to travel frequently — even for leisure.

Conferences, seminars, workshops, fashion shows and meetings, there is hardly a domain that doesn’t require travel from one city to the other, from one state to another, and not to mention transnational traveling.

A frequent traveler needs to be smart with her packing. When you’re traveling a lot, it is hard to keep track of things all the time. The number of times you change a room and a closet can make you lose sense of your belongings.

So it is advisable to only pack a few items that are essential so they won’t get lost and there isn’t unnecessary baggage to carry around!

Do Your Research, Ladies

For most women, it can be hard to decide which outfit should be packed and which can be left hanging in the closet. This quandary can sometimes be resolved by doing a little research.

The geographical location and the purpose of travel both should considered before packing. If you’re a woman who is traveling for work i.e. to attend a conference, then it’s prudent to check out the appropriate dress code before packing every outfit that may seem right. It’ll be best to check whether short dresses will do or is it more suitable to pack a pantsuit.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Weather has to be taken in consideration as well. If the place is hot and humid then woman should keep one or two breezy dresses. If, however, it is cold a warm jacket that can double as formal wear should be a must on the packing list.

Alternatively, if you’re traveling compact and a jacket or a coat will take up a lot of space it is best to take long sleeves top of merino wool. Not only will it take less space, but will also provide warmth and can double as a daywear — when needed.

1- Some Essentials That Work Wonders

A tank top and jeggings is an essential outfit on any trip regardless of its nature and duration of the stay. If it gets cold, they can work as an extra layer and if there is an impromptu formal meeting – for which no dress was packed – this outfit can be doubled as a formal wear by easily accessorizing it with a jacket or a cardigan!

Jeggings can be substituted with a pair of jeans because that is an essential item in a traveler’s baggage.

Don’t Forget Your Comfort

One should always pack for comfort. A night suit or more particularly anything you would feel comfortable sleeping in should also be added. It can be loose t-shirt and a pair of pajamas or a nightgown.

The choice of nightwear depends on the traveler and the available space, but it’s an item that shouldn’t be forgotten.

2- Day Dress — You Will Step Out For Fun, Won’t You

The dress that you choose as a day dress must be according to what you have researched about the place you’re traveling to. If it is a place of high altitude and you don’t want to get tanned or sunburns, pack away a dress that provides maximum skin coverage.

It can be a loose full sleeves cotton top or dress. If it’s a trip to a town or a city, where there is a dress code for women, then it is better to pack accordingly.

Maxi skirts with a top or maxi dresses are one of those dresses that are great as a daywear and are culturally appropriate as well throughout the world.

Day Dress

A woman who travels for work would prefer a cardigan or a semi-formal top with a pair of pants for daywear. It hardly takes up any more space than a cotton top and pants and is very comfortable wear as well.

Pro Tip: Women traveling to warmer regions prefer short, colorful and airy dresses. A wrinkle free outfit can be a woman’s best friend as such dresses take up little space and more than one dress can be taken along!

3- Formal Dress — Why Pack One Even On Vacation!

No matter where you are going, whether it is for a day or for a week, it is essential to pack a formal dress. At the end of the trip if no occasion arises to wear, one can take a little time off to just indulge in celebrating the travel experience and wearing the formal dress in the process!

Formal Dress

A formal dress depends on your personality and can be a cocktail dress and a maxi to a pantsuit—whatever you prefer, ladies.

It doesn’t matter what kind of formal dress is packed but a formal dress is a go-to outfit for any woman traveling anywhere. A pantsuit would seem most appropriate if there is a formal dinner planned for work.

4- Accessories — A Girl’s Best Friend

Accessories may not really come in the category of an outfit but are a must-have during travelling. A scarf is a great add to a travelling woman’s luggage. It can be used as a shade against the sun, to accessorize an otherwise informal outfit or to cover the hair.

Insight: In Iran, regardless of nationality or religion, a woman has to cover her head in public. One never knows when a scarf comes in handy!

Another must-have accessory is a jacket or windbreaker. It can be worn over a tank top and also doubles as a new outfit. It can be of great use in case there’s a sudden change in weather or there is a cool breeze. So instead of shivering out there, a smart lady would just whip out her jacket instead of waiting for a knight in shining armor!


Shoes should never be taken lightly. Always pack a spare. In case of any untoward situation, it’s not difficult to buy a pair of shoes from a city but it is a situation that can be avoided.

Breaking in shoes is a whole process and new shoes can create problems during travels. You can be on a tight budget and buying new shoes might be a tough ask. Just take the ones you have around, even if they remain unworn during the whole trip, an extra pair of shoes should always accompany a traveler.

Our Word

These are some of the outfits that must be in the luggage of a woman who travels a lot. The variety and the number of outfits can, of course, vary depending on the duration of your travel.

These outfits will come in handy if you adequately research the place and climate beforehand. Packing without doing any research can be a big hassle if you are not prepared.

You may end up spending more on unnecessary items if you do not pack accordingly!

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