5 Reasons to Start Yoga Today

Yoga is an ancient tradition with a history that spans thousands of years and is still as popular today as it was years ago. Researchers have found that there are many health benefits for the body and mind by practicing yoga, which should be incorporated into your everyday life. In the fast-paced world we live in today, our physical and mental health can be affected by stress, and we don’t always pay attention to how our body is feeling. This is where yoga helps to ground you. In this guide, we’re going to look at some of the main reasons why you should consider practicing yoga:

1. It’s a great workout

If you’re looking for a gentle exercise regime, yoga is certainly a good option. Moves can be adapted to suit your personal fitness and flexibility and are perfect for carrying out daily to keep your joints and muscles supple. However, it would always be advised to purchase yoga mats when carrying out this practice at home, as it provides a secure base and a form of cushioning while posing. The type of mat you need will often depend on your ability and experience. 

2. It can improve your sleep

Research suggests that yoga can improve your sleep patterns, especially if you carry out movements before going to bed. If you suffer from insomnia or struggle to nod off, it would certainly be worth trying traditional yoga to help relax you when the time comes to sleep.

3. It can improve your breathing techniques 

With the stresses of everyday life, it is very easy to get into the habit of shallow breathing, which can heighten feelings of anxiety. A large aspect of yoga is breathing – in which you’ll deeply inhale and exhale and count your breaths to combat butterflies in the stomach and feelings of panic. With frequent practice, you’ll be much more inclined to incorporate good breathing techniques into your everyday life. 

4. Helps you stay focused

The business of our lives and cause our minds to wander, but yoga helps direct your mind to one focus – the present moment. Yoga makes you more aware of your current surroundings and movements, enabling you to switch off from your worries and feel much more relaxed. Research has shown that after a yoga session, you’ll find it much easier to concentrate, which not only makes you much more productive but can reduce stress and anxiety in the long term. 

5. Helps you make better life choices

Experiencing both the mental and physical benefits of yoga will help you make much better life choices and have a more positive mindset. You will become more aware of what influences you, what you want to achieve, and perhaps even a diet change to further improve your wellbeing. It will, of course, take time to come to this result, but it is certainly worth the time and effort for a healthier lifestyle. 

Featured Image by Irina L from Pixabay