5 Things to Know About Microdermabrasion Facial

Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. It is painless with a quick recovery period and comes with a low risk to the skin. The top layer, which has turned dry and dull, is removed, and the surface layers are gently exfoliated. It helps improve acne scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, blackheads, and dark patches. No wonder the global device market size of microdermabrasion was valued at $413.40 million in 2018 and was expected to register a CAGR of 8.9% by 2026, according to figures released by Grand View Research. The global burden of skin diseases is the main reason for these figures. 

If you are troubled with the above-discussed skin problems, consider a deep cleansing facial. 

Holistic facial treatment in New York can ensure cell turnover and renewal resulting in more plump, smooth, and revitalized skin, according to experts at SI Glam Glow Esthetics, the leading facial parlor in the city. But before heading out, here are a few basics everyone must know. This will help customers make informed decisions. 

Process of Microdermabrasion

The most effective treatment is done with the best microdermabrasion kit. For example, it includes a device that uses a diamond or crystal tip wand to eliminate the topmost skin layer from the face. Exfoliation is also performed with ensures proper blood flow to the tissues to stimulate collagen synthesis and cell metabolism. The process is non-chemical based and is extremely safe. You might be asked to avoid tanning creams and waxing a week before. 

Types of Microdermabrasion 

The crystal version includes micro-fine crystals, which are shot from a small tube into the skin and vacuumed up, while the non-crystal version uses a diamond-tipped wand to exfoliate, according to an article by Verywell Health. Both micro-channeling treatments leave the skin texture feeling smooth and refined. 

Maximum Recovery Time 

Most likely, you do not require a recovery period. However, you might experience skin swelling, bruising, burning or tingling sensations, or light sensitivity, which are normal and will recover within a week, according to an article by Medical News Today. However, if these persist, do visit the best European facials institution at Staten Island to check with the dermatologist once. 

Cost of Microdermabrasion 

This procedure usually depends on the expertise of the specialist, type of treatment, and the number of sessions. Spas and salons also offer this procedure. However, along with acne facial in NYC, getting your microdermabrasion done from top clinics like Staten Island Glam Glow is also recommended. They will plan periodic visits for the best results. 

What to Expect Afterward 

After this European facial at Staten Island, you will be required to use gentle skincare products. Further, make sure to keep the skin hydrated and avoid topical acne medications at least a day after treatment since it is vital to protect your skin, according to an article by Healthline. Further, avoid touching your face with unclean hands to safeguard against infections. 

Talk to your dermatologist beforehand to check if your skin is fit for the procedure. No needles or anesthetics are required. It is one of the gentlest techniques which yield unbelievable results almost immediately. 

Featured Photo by Park Street on Unsplash