5 Types of Masculine Chain Styles

Generally, men consider wearing necklaces to be the ladies’ domain, and most would rather not risk wearing one. Jewelry experts, however, say it is very okay for men to wear necklaces, but following a few fashion rules.

A man’s necklace is decidedly different from a lady’s necklace. A man should never wear anything that is costume jewelry. Costume jewelry is the chunky necklaces worn by ladies as accompaniments to dinner dresses. For women, the jewelry should be the centerpiece, while it is supposed to complement an outfit for men. Men’s necklaces are somewhat rugged around the edges in comparison to the finer necklaces for women. Men’s jewelry should blend naturally with their outfits. Before buying men necklaces, here are a few masculine chain styles to consider:

Masculine Chain Styles

There are many varieties of necklace styles known as masculine styles for ages, but can be worn by women too.

Dog Tags

Dog Tags
Photo by Mikey Wu on Unsplash

Military dog tags are just specialized pendants, but they get a mention as a style because more people seem to be requesting jewelers to make upscale pieces. The standard dog tags are a tab fixed on a chain and have text inscribed on them, usually a message from the giver. The actual tags worn by military men list the owner’s name, medical details, maybe religious affiliation, and rank.

Decorative dog tags keep the military tag shape, but the text is replaced with an embossed design or image. You can replace the ball chain with anything else you choose. Some people love the military design, while others feel it is a disrespect to men and women in the service.


Plain and unornamented metal chains are classic adornments. You can create several looks depending on the type of metal used, the chain length, the link style, and the fastening method. The best chain style has flat loops, which are spaced together so that the chain looks like a substantial metal ribbon, which is long enough to fall slightly below your collarbone and can be worn casually or with a suit.

The trick behind wearing a chain as a man is modesty and understatement. Keeping the chain under the shirt and letting a small portion visible is enough to make a statement. The chain’s metal defines how the chain looks, and it is worthwhile to buy a high-quality chain such as silver, platinum, or gold. A silver heart necklace may look good if the pendant is understated.

Religious Emblems

Religious Emblems
Photo by Wallace Chuck from Pexels

Some necklaces are worn to denote religious beliefs or affiliations. Some are requirements bt the sect, and others wear them as a display of their faith. Most will be pendant style such as Stars of David, Christian crosses, etc.

Most of these chains are worn under t-shirts or shirts on a body but below the neckline.


The classification of pendants is broad, but a pendant necklace is a small ornament on a long cord or chain so that it falls below your neck. Pendants are versatile and very popular, and the ornament can be a jewel or anything you choose. As long as it is tiny enough to fit against the breastbone comfortably, it works perfectly.

A pendant can be worn with a casual t-shirt, but it can be tucked under a pull neck. A V-neck also works well with pendants, and it nestles against the skin.


A choker is the opposite of the pendant. Instead of dangling, it nestles against the skin and is often decorated with ornaments at intervals. Dog collars are types of chokers, as are the necklaces made from hemp and prevalent during the hippie and surfer culture.

As a fashionable man, do not be afraid to take advantage of variations of both choker types. You can sport a rope or leather as long as it is not too much and it is comfortable.


Chains are versatile and can be worn in many ways. Most people assume chains are for women, but men can also wear chains. You need to know which masculine chain styles suit your style.