Latest Beauty Trend: Anti-pollution Skincare

If you live in a busy city, chances are pollution is affecting your skin. Smog is a pollutant that can affect your skin health. Studies have shown that smog can age the skin quickly, causing individuals to have more wrinkles and fine lines, something all women try desperately to avoid.

In today’s beauty world, the top trend is anti-pollution skin care. From Timeless vitamin c serum to Pure hyaluronic acid serum, products are being created and used to fight the effects of pollution on the skin, providing women and men everywhere with soft, age-defying skin.

Ingredients Protecting from Pollutants

To begin protecting your skin from pollutants, you need a quality cleansing routine. Wash your face to prepare your skin for products. Once clean, you can use a vitamin c serum to provide even skin tone and build collagen.

With pure hyaluronic acid, you have a product that will provide hydration and moisture to the skin. Hyaluronic acid aids in the collagen production of your skin and helps your skin retain moisture. Higher levels of collagen are directly related to supple skin, resistant to wrinkles and fine lines. Because the effects of pollution can be drying to your skin, causing wrinkles and fine lines while disrupting your skin’s natural ability to produce collagen, using both vitamin c-based serums along with products containing hyaluronic acid can help prevent aging for visual results in no time.

Adding the best Matrixyl serum to your routine as well will help to fight the signs of aging. First used by the French, this serum has been used in many anti-aging cosmetics since the 2000s because it works. This type of serum has Matrikines which are anti-wrinkle fighters. This serum type will reverse the signs of aging. If you were affected by pollution in the past, your skin can be revitalized by using this product.

In a way, Matrixyl teaches the skin to act new again. Cutaneous photo-damage, a change in pigment of the skin which can be caused from pollutants, is reduced as the product works to restructure the network of the papillary dermis (your skin). This means that the skin on your face will be even-toned and refreshed-looking.

Following a Skin Care Routine

With a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to get into the habit of a quality skin care routine. However, over time, your skin will suffer. Taking just a few minutes each day to wash your face and use serums can make a world of difference in your skin in both appearance and feel. Skin care experts recommend washing your face in the morning and night. You wouldn’t believe the bacteria on your pillow that can clog your pores while you sleep and wreak havoc on your skin. Starting the day off with a face-wash will also help wake you up and prepare you for a busy day. When the day is done, add washing your face to your pre-bed routine to wash off make up and pollutants you’ve encountered throughout the day.

Following each face wash, make sure to moisturize with a serum to keep your skin looking young and refreshed as well as healthy. Anti-pollution moisturizes are great for morning and night applications as they’re not too heavy and allow your skin to breathe. They also act as a great primer so make up sticks to your skin easier and you can avoid creasing. During your slumber, the moisturizer will supplement your body and skin’s natural ability to heal, helping protect against signs of aging from pollutants.

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