Why Choose an Experienced Orthodontist in Calgary?


Even though all orthodontists are dentists, only a few dentists are able to perform orthodontic care. Especially if you need braces, your family dentist will definitely refer you to a specialist. But how can you tell who the best orthodontist is? Unless your dentist recommends you one, you will have to tread with caution. A lot of dentists in Calgary pretend to be orthodontists so you need to make your choice wisely. Below are some of the top reasons why you should go for a seasoned orthodontist.

  1. Has Received Proper Training and Education

Just like a normal dentists, an orthodontist commences his training at a general dentistry school. A dentist becomes an orthodontist after undertaking additional training, which is related to teeth alignment and jaw structure. So, before settling on any orthodontist, check if they have received the right education. Always ask to see their credentials before making your final decision. Be wary of people with fake certificates pretending to be orthodontists.

  1. Ability to Handle Complex Dental Treatments

Dental and orthodontic treatments are closely related. For instance, dentists focus on oral health, check-ups, x-rays and regular cleanings. On the other hand, orthodontists handle complicated treatments, such as invisalign, which cannot be handled by the general dentists. An orthodontist is able to correct overbites, jaw deformities, and gaps in teeth alignment. These specialists are trained with the latest technology and help correct any jaw or teeth alignment problems. An experienced orthodontist never guesses because they know what they are doing.

  1. You Will Get Quick and Permanent Results

If you choose to work with the best orthodontist Calgary, you will definitely enjoy permanent results. As mentioned before, these specialists know what they are doing and can do a quick and permanent job. Always look for someone who has been around for long. Ask them how long they have been doing braces or any other orthodontic work you want done. If you opt for a specialist, you are no doubt going to walk from their office casting a bright smile.

  1. Always Willing to Provide Samples and References

When interviewing orthodontists, it is advisable to ask for samples and a few referees. The samples should be the before and after photos of those patients they have treated before. You want to see the quality of work they can do before committing yourself. References are their past clients or patients. An orthodontist who has been practicing for long will not hesitate to provide samples and references upon request. Be wary of orthodontists who are reluctant when asked for sample photos.

  1. Have a Permanent Office or Clinic

A good orthodontist is the one with a permanent place of business. This shows commitment to their practices. Look for a specialist with an office near your home or workplace. This will not only save you time but also money whenever an emergency occurs. A dentist operating from a temporary office in town should be avoided at all costs.


Before settling with any orthodontist, make sure you ask a lot of questions regarding to their practices. During consultation, you should ask about the treatment methods they use. Inquire about their experience in the field and their level of education. Do not also forget to check on the level of hygiene before leaving their offices. The more informed you are, the better decisions you are likely to make.

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