Best Breakfast Foods for Weight Loss

When working on weight loss, every effort counts. The food you eat for breakfast can influence how the rest of your day will be. If you eat the wrong food, you could trigger cravings and start the day on the wrong foot. Conversely, consuming the right food could help to control cravings and ensure that you remain full for the better part of the morning until lunchtime to reduce snacking and make your weight loss journey easier.

So, what are some of those healthy breakfast foods that can assist you in weight loss?

Greek yogurt

Yogurt, and especially Greek yogurt, make a perfect addition to your breakfast menu. The reason behind yogurt being a good part of your breakfast is that it is rich in protein, thus delivering a significant portion of protein in every serving. This makes it one of the best breakfast food items.

A study among 20 women showed that consuming high protein yogurt as a snack reduced the levels of hunger and cut food intake by 100 calories later in the day as opposed to when they ate unhealthy snacks such as crackers and chocolate. Another study involving 8,516 people observed that those who consumed at least seven servings of yogurt each week were less likely to become obese than those who did not frequently consume it.

Besides eating the yogurt by itself, you could use it in smoothies, use it as a spread on your bagel, or mix it with fruits, nuts, chia seeds, or wheat for a more nutritious meal.

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A real powerhouse of nutrition thanks to their rich content of proteins, crucial minerals, and vitamins, eggs are one of the best breakfast foods that can help you in weight loss. The findings of one study of 30 overweight women were that eating a breakfast consisting of eggs considerably increased the feeling of fullness and cut food consumption later during the day than eating a bagel. You need to cook two to three eggs using whichever style you prefer and consume them together with your favorite vegetables for a sumptuous breakfast.


If you crave sweet foods for breakfast, bananas are perfect food for you, and you can substitute sugary breakfast cereals with them. They have high fiber content and a low-calorie load. Fiber helps in weight loss by keeping you fuller for longer and slows the emptying of the stomach to control cravings. Unripe bananas have also been found to be a rich source of resistant starch, a starch that the human stomach and small intestines do not digest and which can reduce food consumption and minimize belly fat. You can consume bananas in various ways.


These fruits are almost everywhere, thus readily available. A good serving of avocados with healthy high-protein dairy or grains can make a perfectly nutritious and delicious breakfast. They will get you full in a short time. Avocado is a good replacement for high-fat or high-sugar spreads since it has sufficient healthy fat and fiber, and some protein to provide you with extra energy and keep you satiated two hours later. Use the avocado in different ways as you wish.

Other great breakfast foods that can help you in weight loss include spinach, nut butter, wheat germ, berries, and fruits. The idea is to eat something that is healthy and will take a longer time in the stomach to reduce snacking and unhealthy cravings that derail the weight loss process.