Best Side-Jobs for Apartment Dwelling Stay-At-HomeParents

If you’re a stay-at-home parent, you know how difficult it can be to balance chores, soccer, dance class, social functions and still find time to bring in a paycheck. You’re not alone, as over 75% of parents are juggling household responsibilities and a side-hustle.

So what type of lucrative, flexible, easy-to-join jobs are the best fit for you? Let’s check out a few premier job options for the modern parent living in a modern apartment.

Run a Blog


We’ve found that blogging can be a fun, cathartic, income-generating way to connect with the world around us. Before you begin blogging, you’ll need to think about subjects that you’re passionate and knowledgeable about. Do you excel at decorating upscale apartments? Do you have a knack for fashion? Do you and your family travel? Do you want to share your parenting story with the rest of the world? Blog about it!

Your blogs will generate income through ads, writing opportunities, and sponsored content. Depending on your level of dedication and success, you can earn anywhere from $1,000-3,000 or more a month—just be prepared to put in the work and research the market.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Each day, large companies are looking for a driven stay-at-home parent to read through e-mails, schedule appointments, conduct e-mail based customer service, and write content. This work isn’t extremely difficult, and it can often be done while the little ones nap or are at preschool. You can start off making up to $20 an hour, and the pay will increase with experience. Becoming a virtual assistant is a sure-fire way to make money and it requires little training.

Start a Business on Etsy

Are you an adept artist, a creative crafter, or a champion of crochet? You can take your talents online and sell your work. I know a stay-at-home Dad who loves to woodwork. He creates custom signs, selling almost $1,000 worth every month. It took him time to earn a reputation for his business and generate good reviews, but he was able to grow his craft through persistence and good advertising, and so can you.

Become an Editor/Proofreader

Are you a master of the written word? If so, you can jump into the online market and start selling your skills to content creators in need. An extra pair of eyes can be well worth the money for a company that puts out a lot of books, website content, or press releases. You can often earn $15-20 an hour just starting out.

The biggest drawback to this field is that you’ll need to seek out your own clientele unless you have a successful blog or website that advertises your services. This can be time-consuming in the beginning, but as you build a client base, you’ll find that you have more offers than you know what to do with.

Become a Babysitter

If you have the capacity of handling and watching other kids in addition to your own, you might ponder upon a job of babysitting the working parents. This part-time job allows you to get paid and as well as continue intermingling with your children. This could also provide your kids with playmates close to their ages.

As a babysitter, the pay ranges widely which mainly depends on the city where you live in.

Be a Tutor

By tutoring student you can potentially earn extra cash as a stay-at-home parent. It does matter whether you were a teacher or a strong student before but you can always use your tutoring skills online and offline to earn.  There are some wonderful online sites which really allow you do so along with a handsome payment.

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