Breaking Down Interracial Dating in 21st Century

According to a recent US statistic, 17% of marriages in 2015 were interracial or interethnic. This is a significant jump from a mere 3% back in 1967. In states like Hawaii and Nevada, the numbers are much higher at 42% and 31%, respectively. What do these numbers tell us about interracial dating in the 21st century? Perhaps you can say that race is no longer a factor that affects a person’s decision to choose a life partner. But the reality is more complicated than what these numbers portray.

Is race a deciding factor in finding love?

Race used to be a significant consideration in finding love. In the past, interracial marriage was a criminal act. Now that it isn’t, race has taken a backseat in dating and ultimately marrying someone. However, some would argue that dating within your race has its benefits. For example, you can connect with a vast community of black singles if you use a dating site that exclusively caters to black people. These sites allow you to easily communicate and interact with individuals who share your interests and relate to your ethnic background.

Sometimes, it matters when you know you are with someone who understands your cultural background. There are also instances when a person’s race matters because of religious preferences or language differences. Ultimately, choosing to date someone within the same ethnicity is a highly nuanced decision based on a variety of factors.

Interracial dating becoming more common

Indeed, race still impacts dating behavior to some extent. But in general, the attitude of single people towards finding a partner is geared towards practicality. Dating someone is a complex process. Every person assesses a potential partner based on several considerations. For some, physical appearance is the essential quality they look for in a person. For others, it is more important to look at the person’s personality.

Others would prioritize educational background and job security. Factors in choosing a partner also change depending on whether the relationship is short-term or long-term. In all of these scenarios, race does not necessarily matter.

Another reason for the increase in interracial dating is the growing ethnic diversity and migration in many parts of the country. In the example given above, interracial marriage is high in Hawaii and Nevada because these states historically have higher racial diversity. Therefore, if you live in these states, your social circle and availability of potential partners will also be racially diverse.

The 21st century is also a generation of highly conscious and ‘woke’ individuals. Globalization and digital technology are also helping bring cultures together. As such, in most societies, racism is shunned, but people are becoming more open to diversity.

The increasing trend in interracial dating and marriage is, therefore, not surprising. Yes, there is still merit if you prefer to date within your race, but for most, it doesn’t matter. What is most important in finding love is the connection you have with your partner. After all, love is a universal language that knows no color, ethnicity, or race.