Forget About Traditional – Colored Diamonds Are the New Trend

Today’s colored diamonds are taking over traditional white diamonds, and for good reason. Just look at Kate Middleton and her dazzling sapphire engagement ring or Blake Lively’s pink diamond ring she received when Ryan Reynolds popped the question. Two of the most famous diamonds in the world are colored diamonds; the famed yellow Tiffany diamond and the blue tinted Hope diamond.

If you’re looking for an engagement ring or wedding band that is anything but traditional, colored diamonds are a great way to show off your personality and unique style. When was the last time you saw a yellow or pink diamond engagement ring? Besides their unique qualities, there are several reasons to buck the trend and choose a colored diamond for your engagement ring or wedding band.

They’re super rare

Colored Diamonds
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For every 10,000 women with a traditional white diamond, there’s only one sporting a colored sparkler. Even rarer in nature, pink diamonds are especially hard to come by.

They show off your personality

Yellow diamonds often evoke feelings of warmth or happiness, while blue diamonds traditionally represent royalty. Many brides are choosing their or their future spouse’s birth stone color for their diamonds as a unique way to represent themselves in their diamond jewelry.

They can have special meaning

Many women have a signature color, and choosing a colored diamond is a great way to show that off for years to come. Often a color can symbolize a trait that is important to a couple, such as red for love.

They can save you money

If buying a traditional white diamond is out of your price range, lab created colored diamonds are and affordable and ethical alternative to a mined white diamond. Today’s labs, such as the Ada Diamonds, are able to replicate the exact same optical, chemical, and physical features of traditional diamonds by utilizing high-pressure chambers to replicate the same conditions of the earth’s crust. Lab grown diamonds are equal in structure, brilliance and sparkle in every way and won’t get cloudy, fade, or change color over time.

Pink diamonds are so rare that only the extremely wealthy can afford them. Lab grown diamonds are instead created in any array of requested colors such as yellows, blues, pinks, reds, greys, and even black. Even better – lab grown colored diamonds hold their value the same as traditionally mined diamonds but are better for the environment. Traditional diamond mines devastate landscapes and create toxic environments for locals, many of whom work in the mines for little to no pay.

If you’re looking for a unique, trendy way to show off your personality this wedding season, consider looking into lab grown colored diamonds. With rarity and ease of purchase, you’ll cherish your ring for years to come.

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