Copper Infused Towels by Copper Clothing

This post is a sponsored post featuring Copper Clothing’s bath/gym towel and a kitchen towel that I was gifted in exchange for a review.

I had not heard of copper-infused products, so I did some research. I didn’t realize there were so many products using copper-infused fabric, such as sheets, bed toppers, gloves, knee braces, compression socks, and so much more by Copper Clothing and others.

Bath/Gym Towel

I live in Florida, and it can be very humid here. It doesn’t take much for damp clothing to develop mold on them. That is not the case with Copper Bath and Gym Towels. They dry quickly after use. Because they are infused with copper ions, they resist mold and bacteria. I love to use them at the gym. After a sweaty workout, the towels have no odor on them. According to Copper Clothing, the towels are anti-odor and anti-virus. This is important when working out at the gym. You may come into contact with equipment that may harbor viruses from the previous person. With the copper-infused gym towel, you can feel confident that the copper will kill any virus you encounter. These towels are perfect bath towels if you have children who tend to toss damp towels in a pile on the bathroom floor. Within a day, they smell pretty bad. Not so with these towels. No bad smells. I highly recommend these towels for both home and gym workouts. With COVID and other viruses going around, you can’t be too careful.

Kitchen Towel

Kitchen towelLike the bath/gym towel, the Copper Kitchen Towel is also infused with copper ions. They are soft and absorbent even after many washings. The towel gave me confidence when I tried my hands after handling food and drying dishes with the same towel that any bacteria on my hands would be destroyed by the copper. They are great for drying the counters and stove top after washing them. I knew the infused copper had destroyed any bacteria on the counter and stove. Usually, I replace my kitchen towels daily. I am confident that using the same copper-infused towel from Copper Clothing can be used for several days without worry of breeding germs or getting an odor. Maybe they will make some kitchen dishcloths next.

I am very happy with my towels and expect to use them for many years.

Thank you, Copper Clothing, for allowing me to test your fantastic towels.