Countries You Can Visit During COVID-19 If You Have A US Passport

The US passport is perhaps one of the most powerful in the world, but it has currently been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this is not an impediment to some Americans that still want to travel to some exotic countries.

While it is true that the UK and several Asian countries do not easily allow Americans to enter these days, there are still places they can explore, such as Barbados or Mexico. We’ll leave you below a list of some of these destinations.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua mountains
Photo by Sydney Angove on Unsplash

This sun-kissed country is opened to US visitors as long as they present a negative Covid-19-RT-PCR. This rule includes all travelers that are older than 12 years old. Plus, the test result must be taken within seven days of their flight. You can read more information about it on, a website that can help you learn more about travel requirements right now. 

As you can see, Antigua and Barbuda don’t ask you to get too many things when arriving. Just remember to always be honest about your health condition, as they declared that visitors are subject to monitoring by health officials for 14 days, and these officers could ask for quarantine if necessary. 


This country on the Adriatic Sea is another exotic destination that remains open for visitors with a US passport. This country won’t ask you for any COVID-19 test or quarantine, but you should expect a health screening once you arrive there. Besides, wearing a mask and keeping social distancing will also be mandatory.

Albania doesn’t ask for any COVID-19 related requirements because this country doesn’t have a high contagion rate. Therefore, you can feel relieved when staying there. 


Barbados beach
Photo by Robyn W from Pexels

This beautiful destination in the Caribbean sea is also opened to US passport holders, as long as they follow some basic rules. Firstly, you’ll have to complete an online form and submit it at least 24 hours before your trip. You can easily do that on, where you’ll be able to get the form even in a few minutes.

Aside from the form, you also have to display a valid negative COVID-19 PCR test result. This result should be taken within 72 hours of arrival, so be sure to get it ready before your trip. 

Once you enter Barbados, you might still quarantine at an approved accommodation until the authorities consider you’re safe. 

Costa Rica

Known as the happiest Latin American country in the world, Costa Rica is a place worth visiting.
U.S. citizens are welcome to come to Costa Rica without almost any restrictions. You don’t need a negative PCR test, but you are obliged to complete an online Health Pass 48h prior to your entrance.
Upon arriving visitors need to provide proof of insurance that guarantees coverage of any COVID-19 related medical issues.

Other than that, the only thing you need is a valid passport, and you are set for your Costa Rica trip.


This country located in South American is opened to US citizens, but only with the following conditions: having a COVID-19 PCR test result and an “Affidavit for travelers.”

Chile Traveler’s Affidavit form must be completed at least 48 hours or less before flying to the country. Once again, we remind you that you can find it on 

Besides this affidavit form, you also have to show a COVID-19 PCR test taken at least 72 hours before boarding your flight. The authorities will also ask you to have health insurance with $30,000 minimum coverage, including COVID-19 emergencies.

This is just a shortlist of countries you can visit, but there might be more depending on your condition. Just remember to always research the information of the destination you’re considering first.  Traveling gives you a different perspective on other cultures and fantastic foods plus beautiful scenery. 

Featured Image by cytis from Pixabay